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COVID Information for International Students

We understand you may have questions! See answers below to frequently asked questions for international students related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. If you require further information, please email international@assiniboine.net.

Please also see our Travel Checklist attachment below.

Travel Checklist

Arrival and Quarantine

For students outside of Canada now:

This page was last updated June 15, 2022

Can I enter Canada?

Answer the questions here.

If you receive the answer “you will not be allowed to enter Canada”, please email international@assiniboine.net immediately to discuss this situation.

If you receive the answer “you will likely be allowed to enter Canada”, great! Follow the guidance in these FAQs and on our Travel Checklist PDF (see above), to help you plan your travel.

To enter Canada, what is considered “fully vaccinated”?

Refer to the Government of Canada's website here. Click on all coloured links and read information carefully.

I am not considered “fully vaccinated”. What must I do?

Answer the questions on the Government of Canada's webpage here.

Unfortunately, if you are 18 years of age (or older), and are not “fully vaccinated”, you will not be allowed entry to Canada.
If you are 17 years of age (or younger), you will likely be allowed entry to Canada, but should plan for a COVID-19 test in your country of departure.

Whatever your age, if you are not considered fully vaccinated, please email us at international@assiniboine.net immediately to discuss this situation.

Do I need an enrolment letter to travel?

The IRCC website does not mention a confirmation of enrolment letter requirement. But, if you have already received a “log in” email from the college, with your Assiniboine user name and password, you can also choose to order (and pay for) a confirmation of enrolment letter through this link on our website

We also advise you to follow the guidance in the “log in” email, so you can log in to your MyACC portal and view your course schedule. IF the border officer asks you for your schedule, you could log on to MyACC to show it.

Click here to this webpage, read the “International Students” section. You will see a list of what you must bring (in baggage you carry on the plane, not checked baggage) to show the border officer, under “What you need to travel to Canada as a student 18 years of age or older”. This list includes the letter of acceptance.

I have heard that travellers to Canada must have a COVID-19 test before arriving in Canada. Is this true?

If you will be 17 years of age or younger on your date of arrival, and you do not meet Canada’s definition of “fully vaccinated”, you may require a valid COVID-19 test result before departure. See this link from the Government of Canada.

I have heard that I must have a COVID-19 test after arrival in Canada. Is this true?

If you arrive by land (drive to Canada from the USA), the border services officer may randomly select you for a mandatory arrival test. See more information here.

What if I test positive while in Canada?

Students who test positive must follow the direction of the public health authorities in the province where they received the positive test. This may require a quarantine/isolation period. To prepare for this possibility, students are required to demonstrate before departing for Canada that they have the financial means for quarantine/isolation, if it is required.

Where do I find Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) information about travel to Canada?

Please find the most up-to-date IRCC information about travel restrictions here.

For students in Canada, but outside of Manitoba now:

Last Updated June 15, 2022

Do I need to provide proof of vaccination to fly to Manitoba from another Canadian province?

Starting on June 20, 2022, passengers travelling on a plane or train inside Canada will not be required to prove vaccination.

I was vaccinated in another Canadian province/territory. How can I get proof of my COVID vaccination from the Manitoba government?

See this link.

Questions about COVID-19 Vaccines

Do I need to be vaccinated to be on campus?

At this time, Assiniboine Community College does not require students to provide proof of vaccination.

Can international students get a vaccine in Manitoba?

Yes. There is no cost to be vaccinated. Temporary residents must provide proof of date of entry to Manitoba, as well as documentation to support the reason and anticipated length of their stay, for example, your study permit. Also bring some form of government-issued photo ID, such as a passport, in order to get the vaccine. Visit the manitoba.ca website. Do not book a vaccine appointment if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or are in quarantine.

If I received a vaccine in my home country that is not approved in Canada, can I get vaccinated again?

You should contact a local public health office to speak with a healthcare professional. For a list of public health offices, visit: https://www.gov.mb.ca/health/publichealth/offices.html

If I received only one dose of a vaccine in my home country, can I get my second dose in Canada?

Students who have received their first dose in their home country are eligible to receive a second dose in Manitoba. You should contact a local public health office to have your first dose recorded. For a list of public health offices, visit: https://www.gov.mb.ca/health/publichealth/offices.html Healthcare professionals will advise you as to your vaccination schedule here in Manitoba. You will need proof of vaccination from their public health office or equivalent in their home country.

I don’t have a Manitoba Health card . Can I book a vaccine appointment?

Yes you can! But don’t book online. Book your appointment by calling 1-844-626-8222. You may also request an interpreter in your first language.

When you call, booking staff may ask for “your health card”, but don’t worry about this. The staff are trained to ask this because most people will have a health card; the staff may not be familiar with international student insurance. Be sure to bring some photo ID to your appointments, such as a Manitoba driver’s license or a passport.

For any questions about booking your appointment, please call the number listed above.

I don’t have a “Manitoba Health” card. How can I get a Manitoba vaccination card?

Most international students in Manitoba are not eligible for Manitoba Health cards, so they cannot follow the same procedure as Manitobans to receive proof that they have been fully vaccinated.

However, international students without a Manitoba Health Card can still obtain proof of their COVID-19 vaccination by requesting a print copy of their Manitoba Immunization Record here at https://forms.gov.mb.ca/covid-immunization-record-request

On this request form under the “Reason for Request”, students must check the box indicating that they want a paper copy of the immunization record mailed to their home address. Using this online form, students can also add information about vaccines they received outside of Manitoba.