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Job Skills

Meet the Demands of Your Job or Industry

Whatever the demands of your job or industry, we can help you meet them through Continuing Studies at Assiniboine. We offer a wide range of individual courses and longer programs geared toward individual market needs in Manitoba. Focused on high-quality applicable certifications, we have regularly scheduled classes offered in the food industry, water and wastewater treatment, heavy equipment operation, health and safety, swine transportation, as well as dozens of other offerings designed to increase your skills. No matter what your job-training needs are, we can help deliver what is right for you.

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American Sign Language

The Vista Signing Naturally program prepares students to converse in American Sign Language (ASL). This is a standardized curriculum that not only teaches signs but also grammar and deaf culture. This program consists of two levels; each level consists of three 40-hour courses. The levels are progressively more demanding and require an increasing level of knowledge.

Design Publishing for Business

From posters to menus, invitations to social media posts, more and more office professionals find themselves designing materials and campaigns off the corner of their desks. While many of us have an interest in design, we don't often know the how's, why's, do's and don'ts that make some materials compelling and others forgettable.

Ensure the pieces you create are eye-catching by gaining a theoretical understanding of the process of visual design and how balance, colour, symmetry, and typography can enhance the pieces you create. This program will help you learn design lingo so you can converse with external agencies and suppliers to get products that resonate with your clientele and properly represent your business. It will also introduce you to Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Publisher through guided, in-class exploration. You'll put your newfound knowledge and creativity to work in a final project using your preferred design program

For more information, visit the Design Publishing for Business program or check the courses section of our website to see what is currently scheduled.

First Aid

We offer the following first aid courses:

  • CPR/AED Level HCP
  • Standard First Aid (Level C CPR)
  • Emergency First Aid (Level C CPR)

All classes are taught by Red Cross certified trainers. Upon successful completion, students receive Red Cross certification for each.

Check the courses section of our website to see what is currently scheduled.

FoodSafe 1

As required by Manitoba Public Health this seminar is required for owners, managers, supervisors, chefs, cooks and other personnel responsible for purchasing, handling, preparing, and serving food. Upon successful completion, a Manitoba Health Certificate is issued which is valid for five years.

Check the courses section of our website to see what is currently scheduled.

FoodSafe 1 Exam Challenge

This session is for people who require certification in FoodSafe 1 and is designed for those who have previously held the certification. If you are interested in the Foodsafe 1 Exam Challenge.

Check the courses section of our website to see what is currently scheduled.

Heavy Equipment Operator

The Heavy Equipment Operator program at Assiniboine is built around three components: high-end computer simulation training, instructor-led in-cabin training on multiple pieces of equipment, and finally an on the job practicum placement so you can be ready for the job site.

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Individual Fitness Leader

Have you ever wanted to teach fitness courses? Now is your chance. As a Fitness Leader you will provide motivation and education to an individual or group by administering a safe program of basic exercise in order to promote physical activity. This program is offered in partnership with the Manitoba Fitness Council.


Have you ever wanted to refresh or build new skills in another language? Students can earn a Document of Achievement in multiple Conversational Languages. We currently have courses developed in French, Mandarin, Spanish, Ojibway, and Ukrainian.


The Centre of Continuing Studies is collaborating on a Leadership and Management Training program. Details coming soon.

Master Gardener

The Master Gardener program is open to anyone with an interest in gardening. It is an opportunity to learn, share gardening experiences and to develop friendships through community volunteerism. This program provides Master Gardener certification through a combination of courses and an internship as a community volunteer. Upon successful completion, students receive a Document of Achievement. 

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Nursing Foot Care

The Nursing Foot Care program demonstrates the principles and practices of Foot Care as defined and established by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba (CLPNM), Nursing Foot Care Standards. Students must have a nursing diploma or certificate (current registration with CLPNM, CRNM, CRPN) and relevant experience. Once all courses within the program are completed, the student will receive a Document of Achievement which they send to CLPNM with a transcript to become licensed as a Foot Care Nurse in Manitoba.

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These photography courses will expose you to a variety of techniques that will stimulate your curiosity and imagination. You will gain knowledge of the basic technical aspects of photography, as well as more advanced techniques employing computer imaging.

Power Engineering (Exam Preparation)

Prepare for the Power Engineering 4th Class Exam! This part-time evening program will prepare you to take the Standardized Power Engineering Examination so you can start your career as a 4th Class Power Engineer. Course content includes mathematics, mechanics, combustion, thermodynamics, and instrumentation.

Check the courses section of our website to see what is currently scheduled.


Become certified to Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages in Canada or overseas. This TESOL course is a recent addition to our curriculum within Continuing Studies at Assiniboine. It is an introductory ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher training course that will provide you with the tools, strategies, and knowledge to be successful as an English as a Second Language teacher.

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Assiniboine offers a series of four-day refresher training courses designed to prepare operators to pass the provincial Water and Wastewater Operator Certification exams.

Check the courses section of our website to see what is currently scheduled.