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Communications & Marketing

Assiniboine Community College's logo consists of a wordmark and a stylized A over a shield design. The shield also incorporates graphic references to the Assiniboine River, the rising sun and the prairie horizon — the familiar geography of western Manitoba but also a reflection of the culture of our communities. We encourage the respectful use of our logo in all contexts.

For pre-agreed upon use, our logos are available for download. Please contact the Communications or Marketing team for more information. For-profit, altered or misleading uses of the logo are specifically prohibited.

Visual identity guidelines

These manual contains all the necessary details regarding official colours, marks and typography of the college's primary logo and the Cougars Athletics logo.

Horizontal Logos

Horizontal Logo

Horizontal Logo (EPS)

Horizontal Logo (PDF)

Vertical Logos

Assiniboine Vertical Logo

Vertical Logo (EPS)

Vertical Logo (PDF)

Russ Edwards School of Agriculture & Environment

Russ Edwards School logo

Cougars Logo

Assiniboine Cougars Logo
Cougars Logo (EPS)

Contact information

For marketing inquiries, please contact:
Nycolle Adams
Manager, Marketing
communications (at)

For media inquiries, please contact:
Anya McNabb
Director, Communications & Marketing
communications (at)
204.725.8717 ext 3