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Continuing Studies

Meeting Community Needs For Life-Long Learning

Whether you are looking for professional development or taking the leap and embarking on a new career path, Assiniboine has something for you. We offer a wide-range of continuing studies courses and programs on campus, online and by distance education. We understand the needs of adult learners, and our delivery options reflect that. Balancing work and personal commitments alongside your new adventure in continuing education has never been easier!

The easiest way to check out Assiniboine’s continuing studies programs and courses is to click below and explore the latest edition of our eGuide. Within the guide, you’ll be able to click on the icon beside the course name and directly register.

Should you want to find out more information about a specific Continuing Studies course or program, or if you wish to check out additional online offerings from our partners, please click on one of the other banners below.

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