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Test Centre

A Quality and Academically Secure Testing Environment

The Test Centre offers students and staff a quality and academically secure testing environment which enhances overall learning, achievement and student/customer satisfaction. This centralized testing facility improves the quality, security and academic integrity of assessment administration at the college.

The Test Centre provides invigilation (proctoring) services for on-campus students to write missed tests/exams and testing for students with approved accommodations through Accessibility and Disability Services. Distance Education students who are within driving distance to Brandon are asked to write their exams in the Test Centre. The Test Centre is a member of the National Testing College Association and the Canadian Higher Education Testing Association.

If you are preparing for a test and need some tips, you may want to check out The Learning Curve.

Hours of Operation

Test Centre hours vary by location.

Victoria Avenue East Campus - Brandon

Staff are qualified to administer exams from other post-secondary institutions, certification exams from online testing providers and timed typing tests.


  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Phone: 204.725.8700 ext. 6700
Email: testcentre@assiniboine.net
Address: Room 223-I 1430 Victoria Avenue East, Brandon MB R7A 2A9

When you are ready to book your test, please use the online form.

Services for Students

Distance Education:

Providing adequate advanced notice is critical for Distance Education testing. The Test Centre asks for 1-week notice to schedule a test but will allow for 4 working days’ notice to book the test (e.g. Monday for Thursday evening).

To write a Distance Education test in the Test Centre:

  • The student contacts the Test Centre to schedule their test. They need to include their student number, course name, instructor’s name and test type (e.g. midterm).
  • Test Centre staff requests the test from the instructor through an Outlook calendar invitation.
  • The instructor emails the completed Invigilation Form and test files to the appropriate Test Centre email.
  • Tests are received 24 hours before the scheduled start time. Test Centre staff contacts the instructor by phone if the test is not received.
  • Students must contact the Test Centre if they need to reschedule. The Test Centre notifies the instructor with an updated meeting invitation.
  • The completed test, files, and Invigilation Form are scanned and emailed back to the instructor within one working day. The original test is either sent by Canada Post or held for 30 days and then shredded.

On Campus:

Missed tests and rewrites — Instructors are able to schedule an alternative time and date for students to write their test in the Test Centre. To maintain the integrity of testing, this may be accommodated on short notice.

To write a missed test or rewrite in the Test Centre:

  • The instructor communicates with the student to determine when the student should write their test.
  • The instructor checks availability, books the test, completes the Invigilation Form and either emails or brings the test package to the Test Centre.
  • The instructor must approve rescheduling or cancellations.
  • Test Centre staff follow the directions on the Invigilation Form to return all test materials.

Supplemental Exams — The Test Centre follows the procedures in Policy A8 Student Evaluation and Progression. The process of scheduling the test is the same as on-campus instructors (see above). The student must provide the Application for Supplemental Examination form and proof of payment (receipt) before the test is written.

Accessibility/Disability Testing Services (ADS)

Some students with disabilities face barriers in the testing process. The purpose of testing accommodations is to give a student equal access to the testing process by altering the test’s administration. These changes can include test delivery (e.g. having a reader, Braille or large print), student’s response method (e.g. having a scribe or using assistive technology), and test scheduling (e.g. private space, breaks or extended time). The content or core requirements are not altered; rather, the student is given an opportunity to better demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. Student Success Advisors can approve test accommodations if appropriate documentation is provided and after meeting with the student.

To write an accommodated test in the Test Centre:

  • The student completes the request for accommodations on the TCAR form and submits to the Test Centre.
  • The Test Centre schedules the test in Outlook and sends an invitation to the student, instructor, and invigilator (if required).
  • The instructor will then attach the test to the Test Centre Invigilation form and send it to the Test Centre.
  • The method of test return is the same as the On-Campus or Distance processes.