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Graduation Ceremonies Update

Back in the spring, we chose to cancel our June 2020 graduation ceremony in line with COVID-19 guidelines. At that time we asked graduates to “Save the Date” for smaller school-based ceremonies in the fall.

We continue the planning for these events to go ahead following physical distancing guidelines and COVID-19 protocols. If things change, we will keep you informed.

All campuses/sites, except Parkland Campus, attend a ceremony in BRANDON:

Registration is now closed.

School of Agriculture & Environment Tuesday, October 27, 2020 9 am to noon

School of Business

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

1 to 4:30 pm

School of Trades, and the Adult Collegiate

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

5:30 to 9 pm

School of Health & Human Services

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

9 am to noon

School of Nursing

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

1 to 5 pm

Parkland Campus in DAUPHIN:

All programs Friday, October 30, 2020 noon to 4:30 pm

Note that these events may need to be cancelled at short notice if provincial and federal guidelines change.

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2020 Graduation Events

Assiniboine Community College shall confer approved credentials to qualifying students at graduation ceremonies following successful completion of all institutional and program requirements.

To fulfill program graduation requirements and earn an approved credential, students must meet each of the following:

  1. Successfully complete all program and course requirements of an approved program of study.
  2. Achieve a minimum grade of D per course as indicated in the calendar in compliance with academic policies. For courses where a minimum course grade higher than D is required to fulfill graduation requirements for a specific program, these requirements will be specified in the calendar.
  3. Achieve a minimum graduation grade point average (GGPA) of 2.00.
  4. Fulfill all program and institution regulations as indicated in the calendar and in compliance with academic policies.
  5. Successfully complete all program and course requirements within program time limits. The college requires program completion within five years. Exceptions may be granted in cases of extenuating circumstances.
  6. Be in good academic standing.
  7. Meet the academic residency requirement for their program. The normal requirement is that students complete at least 50% of program credits through Assiniboine Community College.

The process for graduation and details of graduation ceremonies will be published on their respective graduation ceremonies pages. Communication with students and graduates will be through an official college email.

President Mark Frison surprises 2020 graduates

For six Assiniboine graduates, a surprise came early when college president Mark Frison hand-delivered their parchments in June 2020. Certificates and diplomas were presented to each graduate, abiding by the provincial public health recommended physical distance.