International Student at the North Hill Campus

International Applications

Apply Directly or Through an Agent/Representative

You are welcome to apply directly, or through an agent/representative. Your application is treated in the same way. Assiniboine Community College does not give preference to students applying through an agent/representative. An agent/representative cannot guarantee your admission to Assiniboine Community College. Applying through an agent/representative will not speed-up the admission process.

International applicants to full-time programs

Step One: Read our available programs page

Review the list of programs available to international students. These are the only programs for which we accept international applications.

Step Two: Choose the program best for you

Read the program pages for any program of interest, so that you have a good understanding of the program and its career possibilities. We encourage you to choose a program you will enjoy and can be successful in, as it is very unlikely you could transfer programs after you arrive.

Step Three: Check the admission requirements

Read "Admission Requirements" on the program page. Pay attention to specific course requirements, like Math or Language Arts. (Note: "40S" in Manitoba means the 12th year of schooling; in many countries that is called "senior" or "higher" secondary level.) You can see the requirements for applicants from many countries in the Admission Requirements chart.

Also, check that you meet the English language proficiency requirement.

Step Four: Apply online

Apply online


Application: No deadline, but many of our programs become full, so we encourage early application. If a program is full when you apply, you could be on a waitlist and therefore may not get a seat.

Most of our programs start only in September each year. See available cohorts for a list of programs that will start at a different time of year. Those programs become full very quickly, so we encourage you to apply as soon as a program on that list is "OPEN".

Visit the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website to see the average study permit processing time in your country. We encourage you to apply early enough that you have enough time to receive your study permit before the date on your letter of acceptance. Please note, most students will need to provide biometrics as part of their study permit application. This could increase the time you will need to complete your study permit application.

The first day of the program: See your letter of acceptance.

  • September start date: REQUIRED International Orientation
  • January start date: REQUIRED International Orientation
  • Other start dates: See your letter of acceptance.

Note: If you need a paper copy of our application, please print and email to

Program Application and Guide (PDF)