International Student at the North Hill Campus

International Applications

Apply Directly or Through an Agent/Representative

You are welcome to apply directly, or through an agent/representative. Your application is treated in the same way. Assiniboine Community College does not give preference to students applying through an agent/representative. An agent/representative cannot guarantee your admission to Assiniboine Community College. Applying through an agent/representative will not speed-up the the admission process 

International applicants to full-time programs

  • The completed application form International Application Guide

  • A photocopy of your valid passport

  • The non-refundable international application fee of $200.
  • An official transcript of all marks achieved at the high school/secondary school level, translated into English by a recognized translation agency. Official documents must be sent from previous institutions. If sent to the translation agency, the agency must indicate that the documents arrived there in sealed envelopes from the prior institution.
  • An official original transcript from all post-secondary institutes attended, translated into English. Official documents must be sent from previous institutions.  If sent to the translation agency, the agency must indicate that the documents arrived there in sealed envelopes from the prior institution.
  • Official proof of English language proficiency, if required (see English language proficiency information)

Step One: Read our available programs page

Review the list of programs available to international students. These are the only programs for which we accept international applications.

Step Two: Choose the program best for you

Read the program pages for any program of interest, so that you have a good understanding of the program and its career possibilities. We encourage you to choose a program you will enjoy and can be successful in, as it is very unlikely you could transfer programs after you arrive.

Step Three: Check the admission requirements

Read "Admission Requirements" on the program page. Pay attention to specific course requirements, like Math or Language Arts. (Note: "40S" in Manitoba means the 12th year of schooling; in many countries that is called "senior" or "higher" secondary level.) You can see the requirements for applicants from many countries in the Admission Requirements chart.

Also, check that you meet the English language proficiency requirement.

Step Four: Send a complete application

If you believe you meet the admission requirements, send a complete application, including:

  • The completed international application form provided below. Type as much of it as possible online, and then print it and sign it.  We accept handwritten applications, but if it is difficult to read, we may spell of your name or address or other information incorrectly.  Put your email address on Page 1; that is how we will communicate with you.  (If you choose, another person/agency can also receive information about your application, if you complete and sign the “Use of Agents or Other Representatives” section on page 2. Put that person's or agency's email address ONLY on page 2.) 

International Application Form

  • Non-refundable application fee of $200. Information about how to pay the fee is on the application form.
  • Transcripts/exam results of your (senior) secondary education. Notarized English translations must accompany any document in another language.
  • Transcripts of all of your post-secondary (college or university) education, if you have studied at that level. Notarized English translations of the transcript must accompany the document if it is in another language.
  • Proof of English language proficiency, which will be either a valid and acceptable test score, transcripts of appropriate education in Canada or a country on our test-exempt list, or proof of registration at one of our pathway schools.
  • A copy of your passport page showing name and birthdate.
  • A copy of your study permit, if you have one.
  • Applicants to competitive entry programs also need to include the supplemental application form. Please see the competitive entry page under the Registrar’s Office section of the website for further details.

You can scan the application and documents and attach them to an email to or you can post them to Assiniboine International, Room 145, Assiniboine Community College, 1430 Victoria Ave East, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, R7A 2A9.  You are also welcome to bring an application in person, to the address above. Please note, no other campus location can accept applications or fees. Our Winnipeg location CANNOT accept applications or documents or payments.

However, we require transcript(s) for all Canadian institutions you were enrolled in, even if you did not complete a semester or program there.  A Canadian transcript must be an official, original, hard copy document from the Registrar’s Office at the institution. It must be the most current transcript; out-of-date transcripts are not acceptable.  No scans, photocopies, faxes or web print outs accepted.  Send this document by postal service or courier it to the address above (or bring it to our office). We will keep this document.

If we see that you entered Canada in time to study at another institution, we will ask for information about your Canadian studies.  If you do not provide this information with your application, this will slow down your application OR may result in the cancellation of your application for misrepresentation. 

We process an application only when it is complete, including all documents, the application form, and the fee. We will send you a letter within 3-5 business days.


Application: No deadline, but many of our programs become full, so we encourage early application. If a program is full when you apply, you could be on a waitlist and therefore may not get a seat.

Most of our programs start only in September each year. See available cohorts for a list of programs which will start at a different time of year.  Those programs become full very quickly, so we encourage you to apply as soon as a program on that list is "OPEN".

Proof of study permit (or study permit approval letter): See your letter of acceptance.

Visit the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website to see the average study permit processing time in your country.  We encourage you to apply early enough that you have enough time to receive your study permit before the date on your letter of acceptance. Please note, most students will need to provide biometrics as part of their study permit application. This could increase the time you will need to complete your study permit application. 

The first day of the program: See your letter of acceptance.

  • September start date: REQUIRED International Orientation 
  • January start date: REQUIRED International Orientation
  • Other start dates: See your letter of acceptance.