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Admissions Process

We begin processing applications no more than 12 months in advance of the program start date, with the exception of those programs with waitlists.

Once we get your application, we enter it into our student database. Within one business day, we'll send you an email to let you know that your application has been entered and we are processing your application.

We assess your application against the General College Requirements noted in the Policy on Application and Admission to College Programs (Policy A17) as well as the specific requirements of the program that you applied to.

Program requirements

The general requirement to attend Assiniboine is the equivalent of a Manitoba High School diploma.

In addition, many programs list specific subject requirements at a Grade 12 level and/or other non-academic requirements (for example, medical or legal certificates). Please review the "Admissions Requirements" on each program page for full details.

If you are an international student, please also read the information on our international pages.

Assiniboine offers a Mature Student High School program at our Centre for Adult Learning in Brandon at the Victoria Ave East campus and in Dauphin at our Parkland campus.

You'll qualify for admission to a program once you have met all admission requirements.

Assessment of special circumstances

If an applicant does not meet general admission requirements or the specific program requirements, they may apply for an assessment of special circumstances through the Registrar. Applicants in this category include those with modified credits at the secondary school level - M (modified), I (individualized) or E (English as an additional language).

An assessment of special circumstances could include a review of all transcripts and documents, an interview with the registrar, and/or test(s) of basic skills relevant to the program. There is an additional fee for testing.

Assiniboine does not have a mature student status like some other institutions do. All applicants regardless of age must demonstrate the required skills and knowledge.

Programs with competitive entry requirements

Applicants to programs with Competitive Entry requirements will be sent further information regarding these requirements and/or dates of orientation sessions.


If you meet all the requirements and there is an available seat in the next offering of the program, congratulations, we will send you an acceptance letter for the program that you applied to. To accept the seat, you will need to pay the non-refundable tuition deposit noted in your acceptance letter by the deadline noted in the letter.

If you meet all the requirements but there isn't currently a seat available, please read the information below about waitlists.


If there are more qualified applicants than the program capacity, you may be put on a waitlist.

  • If a seat becomes available, we offer the seat to waitlisted applicants in date order.
  • If a seat does not become available for a program, you will be given the opportunity to have your application moved forward to the next program intake date, unless you tell us to cancel your application.

For most programs at Assiniboine (those that do not involve Competitive Entry procedures), qualified applicants are admitted on a first complete, first-served basis, and are placed on waitlists in the date order that their complete application was received. Waiting list priority may be provided to scholarship winners and/or varsity athletes.