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Forms & Documents

Forms you may need to fill out for us:

Documents you may need from us:

  • Replacement credential (ex. certificate or diploma) - Document Request
  • Completion letter - Document Request
  • Confirmation of enrolment letter - Document Request
  • Verification of education - Do you or your employer need verification of the education that you gained at Assiniboine? You may be able to provide a copy of your transcript and/or credential to your employer and this will suffice. However, if your employer needs a form filled out or they need to talk to us, have them complete a Permission Waiver and email it to with their request.


The official college transcript provides a complete record of academic achievement. A transcript is considered a confidential document and will not be released outside the college without the authorization and consent of the student.

Transcripts or final grade reports are available for a fee as indicated in the financial information section of this calendar. If an error is noted on the final grade report or transcript, students should contact the registrar.