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College Classroom

Requesting College Facilities

Requesting College Facilities

College facilities are managed to support our vision, mission and values and primarily serves students and staff for the purpose of educational instruction, student development and engagement, and administrative activities.The college has an ongoing commitment to the community and makes its facilities available to external users when not required for college academics and activities.

As a guest of Assiniboine Community College, you can request a room for your event at our Victoria Avenue East Campus, Len Evans Centre for Trades and Technology, and our Parkland Campus by completing the Facilities Request Form.

  • Requests for rooms, from Monday – Friday, with dates after the commencement of each term will be confirmed after course room assignment has been finalized for the academic term.
  • Requests for the gymnasium will be accepted after August 1 once all varsity activities for the academic year have been scheduled.
  • If you have any questions please contact the scheduling coordinator at eventrequest@assiniboine.netor by calling 204.725.8751 from Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Facilities Request Form

External user guidelines

  • External guests requesting a booking at college facilities for non-college purposes must enter into a rental agreement and cover full costs (direct and indirect)
  • All renters must provide a copy of their certificate of insurance from their provider listing a minimum $2,000,000 liability, as outlined in the Facilities Space Rental Agreement. Such insurance shall extend to cover the renters, its officers, employees, students, agents, contractors and shall include Assiniboine Community College and Manitoba Finance, Accommodation Services Division as an additional insured with respect to liability arising out of the use or occupation by the renter of the property belonging to the college.

Requirements for Use of the Gymnasium

  • Clean and dry footwear is mandatory on the gym floor. Footwear with soles that could leave scuff marks or indentations are not permitted.
  • No tape or adhesive backed material shall be put on the gym floors without prior approval.
  • At no time are objects to be used in the gym allowed to slide or be dragged across the floor to the spot desired. They must be picked up or carried. For example: Volleyball poles, standards for referees, basketball hoops, tables, chairs, boxes, mats, among others.
  • All objects placed on the floor must be on an approved carpet or have a rubber or felt coated underbelly/feet.
  • Any object that is to be wheeled across the floor must have wheels that function properly. If you have a piece of equipment that has a wheel(s) that is not operating, it is not permitted on the gym floor.
  • External equipment brought into the gym needs to be approved by the Director of Facilities or an approved designate.
  • Please clean any spillage immediately with a non-abrasive cleaner and notify a service worker as soon as possible.
  • Spectator areas must have mats placed under walkways and seating areas.

Rental Rates

The cost of a standard (up to 30 seats) classroom is as follows:

  • $115 for 4 hours or less
  • $235/day for over 4 hours

The cost to book the gymnasium is:

  • $75/hour

The above rates are subject to change without notice. All rates are subject to GST. All costs associated with the rental are due 30 days from the date of invoice.

Cleaning Fee - $31/room/day if total occupancy is less than 50 people. Events with a capacity greater than 50 will have the cleaning fee calculated individually based on the size and duration of the rental. Should there be additional cleanup required beyond what would be considered ordinary, additional fees may be charged.

Cancellation fees

All bookings are subject to a cancellation fee of $25 if a minimum of two weeks’ notice is given. If less than two weeks’ notice is given to the college, the cancellation fee will be the greater of $25 or 10% the rental amount.

Lecture Theatre at Victoria Avenue East Campus in Brandon.
Lecture Theatre at Victoria Avenue East Campus in Brandon.
A general classroom at the Victoria Avenue East Campus in Brandon, MB.
A general classroom at the Victoria Avenue East Campus in Brandon.
Gymnasium at Victoria Avenue East