5 Ways We Can Help You Flatten the Curve

The Learning Curve - Blog post

For some students, coming to college is an easy transition. But for most, there can be a learning curve – sometimes a gentle slope and, at other times, a steep incline—where some guidance and help would be really appreciated.

Assiniboine’s Learning Curve is a great resource to help you if you’re feeling overwhelmed or at a loss, if you’re not grasping content, if you need some extra support, or if you need a new way of approaching things. Located in the library, the Learning Curve is a place you can go for all these things and more.

It offers help with things like computer, writing, math and learning skills. Even current students at the college might be surprised by some of the things that the Learning Curve can help with. Here are five “hidden gems” that the Learning Curve offers all students, free of charge:

Test / Math Anxiety

It has been estimated that upwards of 40% of students suffer from some form of test anxiety. Students who feel overwhelmingly nervous during a test (to the point where that nervousness impacts performance) are feeling the impact of test anxiety. Similarly, students who avoid math because of feeling like they are “just bad at math,” or get the cold sweats when they sit down with a fraction problem, are feeling math anxiety. The Learning Curve offers workshops and one-on-one appointments to teach strategies to help minimize the impacts of these feelings.

Using Rubrics

Many students don’t even know what a rubric is, and if they do, they seldom give it much attention. A rubric is what your teacher will use to mark your assignment, and at Assiniboine Community College, students always have access to rubrics prior to submitting assignments for grading. Why not take a look at how your teacher is going to evaluate you before you even start writing? Similarly, course outlines, learning outcomes and other documents can be extremely helpful at guiding reading, preparing for tests, and planning assignments. The Learning Curve helps students unlock the secrets to success that are in these often-ignored documents.


How many workplace accidents could be avoided by focused, present thinking? How much less anxious would you be if you were thinking about the present and not worrying about the future? Would your sleep improve if you could learn to “shut off your brain” and stop worrying about tomorrow? These are just some of the benefits of mindful thinking. The Learning Curve provides instruction and regular practice sessions for mindful thinking and will show you how to apply these techniques to your school, work and home life.


Ever wonder why video games and TikTok can be so addictive? They employ the principles of gamification, which helps to supply a steady dose of “happy” chemicals to your brain. Wouldn’t it be nice if boring ol’ homework did the same? The Learning Curve helps students use apps and other strategies to “gamify” their schedules and improve organization, time management and reduce procrastination.

Reading Efficiency

Studying lots and not getting the results you want? Have to read things multiple times? Do you spend hours re-reading and re-writing in order to memorize something? The Learning Curve teaches reading strategies that help make your reading and studying more efficient, which will save you time, reduce stress and improve academic performance.

If any of this sounds like something you might be interested in, feel free to reach out to the Learning Curve to get some support. Students at Assiniboine have access to these services through one-on-one appointments, workshops or even our video library at no additional cost. Learn more about the Learning Curve, including booking appointments, by visiting our webpage. Help is just a click away!