Program Spotlight: Heavy Equipment Technician

Program Spotlight: Business Administration

Are you known as a tinkerer, a problem solver, someone who enjoys precision work? Do you like physically-challenging tasks?

Assiniboine’s 9-month Heavy Equipment Technician (HET) certificate program gives you the skills and the training to service, diagnose and repair heavy duty equipment—putting you on the path to becoming Red Seal Certified in one of three trades, some of the highest paying careers in the field!

Learn to work with the type of equipment and motorized machinery that is labelled as off-road, as well as the various implements that attach to these vehicles to get specialized jobs done. Use your brain and braun to get vehicles up and running again, and also identify and troubleshoot possible minor issues to avoid future costly repairs.

Like a real-life choose your own adventure book, HET allows you to build your career around the industry that interests you most. Set your sights on a path in agriculutre, transport, construction, logging or even start your own business. The options are many, and you get to choose.

Through your time in the program, work with diesel engines, power trains and electrical systems. Gain practical skills with all types of engines and systems, and learn how to work within the industry’s important safety regulations. Get familiar with the technology that powers these large machines and understand how everything from high-presurre hydrolics to micro-processors work together.

With this hands-on training, you’ll be prepared to launch your career in the sector you want. Employers prefer applicants who have postsecondary experience related to heavy duty mechanics, and the HET program will have you ready to take on an entry-level role as a technician in the farm machinery, transport truck and construction equipment sectors. After you’re done with your pre-employment certification, earn credit as an apprentice when you register for apprenticeship within two years of finishing at Assiniboine.

Become part of the invaluable team that makes things happen around our city, province and nation. Whether it’s transporting goods, carving out land for infrastructure or getting a combine back in the field during harvest, HET will get you started on the industry path that interests you most.

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