Ag Partnership Breakfast

Ag Partnership Breakfast

**With the recent postponement of Manitoba Ag Days, we have decided to cancel our event. We will continue to look for opportunities to host the event in 2022.**

As part of Manitoba Ag Days, Assiniboine is hosting its fourth annual Ag Partnership Breakfast. Held on January 19 (event canceled) at the Provincial Exhibition Dome Building on the Keystone Centre grounds from 7 to 9 a.m.

This event supports agriculture at Assiniboine, raising funds to support financial awards for students in agricultural-based programs at the college. We are in the midst of a major project to help support the labour demands and promote industry collaboration. The Prairie Innovation Centre is Assiniboine’s vision for the future of agriculture training in Manitoba and we’re eager to share more about our efforts. Your support will enable the college to continue to work toward the future of this important sector.

This event is a wonderful opportunity to connect our students directly with members of industry, government and alumni. In addition, it helps to raise funds to support scholarships and bursaries for students in agricultural-based programs at our college. Your support allows us to deliver responsive programming, resulting in highly trained employees.

Please consider supporting this event by purchasing tickets ($40/each) for you and your team or as a sponsor of the breakfast.

Please let us know of any dietary restrictions or accessibility concerns.

Masks are mandatory and proof of vaccination is required.