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ECE Programs Expansion

Are you passionate about making a difference in young lives? Do you have a desire to become a nurturing, inspiring figure in a child’s early years while getting a certification at an accelerated rate in a delivery method that allows you to still earn while you learn? Then one of Assiniboine’s many early learning programs might just be the perfect fit for you!

Assiniboine will offer six new programs, made possible by an $11.4 million investment from the Province of Manitoba and the Government of Canada. These programs compliment our early learning and child care training and education offerings.

The new programs aim to provide access to high-quality, flexible, and personalized learning opportunities to meet the demands of learners from all backgrounds and locations. The programs provide a variety of learning modes (e.g., online, in-person, workplace, mentorship, part-time and full-time) that allow learners to receive training faster and enter the industry as certified early learning professionals sooner.

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This expansion will provide you with hands-on training, cutting-edge curriculum, and practical experience working in a real-world experience. Our program is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in your future career as an early childhood educator.

Join us by taking the first step towards a rewarding and fulfilling career in early childhood education. Simply fill out our web form today, and we will keep you informed of all the exciting developments of our ECE program expansion!

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As the need for high-quality childcare and early learning education grows, Assiniboine’s dedication to offering accessible and comprehensive education is stronger than ever. We offer several early childhood education programs designed to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Child Care Assistant (CCA)

In Manitoba, it's a requirement for Child Care Assistants (CCAs) and licensed home-based child care providers to complete a 40-hour early childhood education course within their first year of employment.

Assiniboine has one permanent site in the province (Brandon) that offers one of the Child Care Assistant courses, Overview of Early Childhood, monthly as an in-person delivery. In addition to our permanent offering, we offer in-community training known as rural rotating sites. These offerings rotate throughout the province monthly as an in-person delivery.

To learn more about the program or offerings available near you, visit Child Care Assistant program page.

Early Childhood Education (ECE II)

This diploma program provides graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality early learning and child care to young children. Early childhood educators plan, organize, and implement programs for children between the ages of infancy and 12 years. They lead children in activities to stimulate and develop their intellectual, physical and emotional growth and ensure their security and well-being.

To learn about the programs, visit the Early Childhood Education, ECE Accelerated Mentorship, ECE Accelerated Mentorship (Online) or ECE Qualification Recognition (Accelerated) for Foreign-Trained Individuals program pages.

Early Childhood Program Management (ECE III)

This advanced diploma program is designed to help early childhood educators advance to leadership positions within their field. If you love working in early learning and want to take the next step in your career, this program is for you. Early Childhood Program Management (ECPM) will give you the skills that you need to take on a leadership role and management-level responsibilities.

To learn about the program, visit Early Childhood Program Management program page.

Tuition Reimbursement

The governments of Canada and the Province of Manitoba offer an Early Childhood Education Tuition Reimbursement program to make ECE education more accessible to individuals entering the Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) workforce and those working to obtain or upgrade their certification.

To learn more information, including who is eligible and how to apply, visit the Province of Manitoba’s webpage.

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Child Care Assistant and Childhood Educator Classifications

Anyone seeking paid employment in a childcare centre in Manitoba may apply for classification. Classification levels are based on completed post-secondary education. Volunteers may also apply for classification. Our programs are aligned to all three levels of classification in Manitoba:

  • Child Care Assistant (CCA)
  • Early Childhood Educator II (ECE II)
  • Early Childhood Educator III (ECE III)

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