In a world where numbers matter, make sure you are getting the best training in the industry! From manual to computerized accounting, payroll administration and financial accounting, our bookkeeping courses will put you at the top of your field.

This program prepares you to be accountable. Keeping track of the books for companies is important and essential to an organization’s survival. The courses train you to be confident and competent within a computerized accounting environment and equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to set-up and maintain a complete set of financial records for small and medium enterprises.

Get prepared for a leadership role. As a bookkeeper, you need to be confident in managing projects and divisions; develop your knowledge of payroll administration, as well as management accounting. In addition, improve your attention to detail, analytical thinking, and independent decision-making skills to take the next step in your career.

Learn under the guidance of industry professionals from experienced Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) and bookkeepers. Our instructors have real-life experience; they will mentor you and demonstrate the endless bookkeeping opportunities in companies across the country. In addition to being experts in their field, our instructors serve as strong connections to the wider bookkeeping industry.

Get ready to take on employment as a bookkeeper, payroll administrator, assistant controller, accounts receivable/payable supervisor and many other positions. The bookkeeping industry is continuously growing.


  • A complete Manitoba Grade 12 or equivalent.
  • Consumer/Essential Math 40S or equivalent

English is the language of instruction at Assiniboine. All applicants educated outside of Canada or in a country not on the test exempt list are expected to meet the English language proficiency requirement. See assiniboine.net/elp for more information.

If you don’t meet these admission requirements please visit our adult learning page for more information on assessment of special circumstances.


Apply online by visiting the Apply to a Program page. Choose “On-Campus and Distance Education programs for domestic students”. Create an account and select Bookkeeping and preferred start date in your program choice.

Careers & Connections


See the world of opportunity in small and large companies or branch out into your own bookkeeping company. Earning a Bookkeeping certificate opens the door to a number of career opportunities including:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Accounts Receivable/Payable Supervisor
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Office Manager
  • Budget Coordinator
  • Assistant Controller


Apply coursework towards memberships and certifications through various organizations:

Canadian Bookkeeping Association

Tools & Supplies

A financial calculator is recommended, preferably Texas Instruments BA II Plus.


Visit the Bookstore’s website to learn more.

Technology Requirements

Students in this program are expected to have a computer at home with internet access that meets the technical needs outlined by the program. Refer to assiniboine.net/tech for detailed information.

Courses & Costs

To graduate with a Bookkeeping certificate, students must successfully complete 39 academic credits. 

Tuition, fees and Students’ Association fees total approximately $4,323. Estimated cost for books and supplies is $1,000. All fees are estimated and are subject to change without notice.

Accounting Software (COMP-0556*)

Prerequisites: ACCT-0003 Financial Accounting 1

Students complete computerized accounting cycles for a variety of organizations using both SAGE 50 and QuickBooks Accounting Software packages. To varying degrees with each software, students are exposed to the following components: General Journal/Ledger, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Payroll, Inventory and Order Entry. Functionality related to System Set-up, Sales Taxes, Banking, Periodic Processing and Financial Reporting are also explored. Students apply computerized accounting techniques to each step of the accounting cycle.

Financial Accounting 1 (ACCT-0003*)

This introductory course in the fundamental principles of accounting provides a basic understanding and application of principles relating to the accounting cycle and current assets.

Financial Accounting 2 (ACCT-0004*)

Prerequisites: ACCT-0003 Financial Accounting 1

This introductory course in the fundamental principles of accounting provides a basic understanding and application of principles relating to current and long-term liabilities, partnerships and corporations.

Introductory Management Accounting (ACCT-0050*)

Prerequisites: ACCT-0004 Financial Accounting 2

An introduction to the use of accounting information for internal management purposes focusing on planning and control, budgeting, standard costs and overhead analysis, relevant costs, management control and evaluation, and financial statement analysis.

Payroll Administration (HRMG-0117)

This course addresses employment classifications, legislation related to payroll, maintenance of payroll, maintenance of payroll records, payroll deductions, tax implications of benefits, allowances and expenses, government remittances, and termination records. The course focuses on solving analytical problems and completing exercises, review questions, marked assignments and payroll regiters to build the necessary skills required in processing a payroll.

Software Applications (COMP-0597*)

In this introductory course, students develop the fundamental computer skills necessary in business. Students learn how to manage their files on a network and utilize techniques to improve data security. Students use text processing software to create, format, and share a variety of documents including memos, letters, one-page publications, reference lists, and long documents. Students also prepare spreadsheets that incorporate various formulas and functions, formatting techniques, 'what-if' options to enhance data analysis, and data integrity features. Lastly, students prepare effective electronic presentations using presentation software

Taxation 1 (BUSN-0171*)

Prerequisites: ACCT-0004 Financial Accounting 2

This course covers the fundamental principles and concepts of Canadian federal income tax legislation as it applies to individuals. The course emphasizes the understanding of the conceptual structure of the Income Tax Act and equips students with skills in the application of its rules to practical cases including the use of tax return software.

*New course numbers have been adopted to mirror the courses in the Business program.

Note: Timelines, applicable industry experience, and teaching methodology will depend on program delivery choice; program information sheets subject to change without notice.

Distance Education

The Bookkeeping certificate program is available for study through distance education. 

Registration options:

  • If you are an active Assiniboine student in the Bookkeeping program, you can register directly with the Registrar’s Office. See contact information below. 
  • If you are not an active Assiniboine student in the Bookkeeping program but wish to enrol in the program, you may do so by applying online www.assiniboine.net/applynow.
  • If you are not an active Assiniboine student in the Bookkeeping certificate program, but you are interested in taking a few courses, you may do so up to a maximum of 12 credits. You can also register directly with the Registrar’s Office by calling 204.725.8701 to register with a credit card.

To register, call 204.725.8701 to register with a credit card.

The deadline to register is the 20th of the prior month however, you can register at any time - you don’t need to wait for the deadline. For example, for February 1st courses, the deadline to register is January 20th. 

Once you have registered for your course, view the 'Tools & Supplies' tab to see how to purchase your textbook(s).

We recommend that you start with one course to get a feel for the course load. After that, it's up to you how many courses you take.

Please ensure that you review our academic policies, including policy A20: Registering, Adding and Dropping Courses, which explains the refund policy for distance education courses; and A10: Maintaining Active Student Status, which details how often you need to complete a course to remain active in your program. You have five years to complete a program. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the Bookkeeping program?

Courses are self-paced and are offered regularly, but not all courses are offered each term. Students can complete the program in as little as a year and a half.

Do I need to apply to the Bookkeeping program?

Yes, an application is required. Apply online by visiting the Apply to a Program page. Choose “On-Campus and Distance Education programs for domestic students”. Create an account and select Bookkeeping and preferred start date in your program choice.

Can I take a few courses in the program without applying?

If you are not an active Assiniboine student in a certificate program, but you are interested in taking a few courses, you may do so up to a maximum of 12 credits. To register, contact Registrar’s Office by calling 204.725.8701 to register with a credit card.

Can I use a Mac computer for the online Bookkeeping program?

The program uses Sage and QuickBooks software that requires the use of a PC to run.

Is the Bookkeeping program eligible for student aid?

Due to the Bookkeeping program being part-time, and not meeting designation criteria, it is not eligible for government student aid or scholarships/bursaries.

Students can contact a bank/credit union to see if they qualify for a line of credit.

Can I complete a Distance Education course sooner than the allotted time?

Yes, distance education courses are self-paced.

How long is each course in the Bookkeeping program?

Students have up to four months to complete each Distance Education course.

Are there prerequisites for any of the courses in the Bookkeeping program?

Yes. Refer to the 'Courses & Costs' tab for a full list of courses and pre-requisitions.

Is there a required course sequence for the Bookkeeping program?

Other than courses with a prerequisite, you can take courses in any order you choose. Refer to the 'Courses & Costs' tab for a full list of courses and pre-requisitions.

I've successfully completed the required courses for this program. How do I receive my credential?

Students that have successfully completed all the program requirements can complete an Application to Graduate form and email to registration@assiniboine.net to receive their credential.

How do I register for a Bookkeeping course?

Once you have been accepted to the program, you will receive email instructions on how to register and pay for your course(s) online through MyACC.