The world’s growing need for lean, nutritious pork creates new jobs every single day. A career in the pork industry means you’ll help feed the world while enjoying relatively high job security. If you like working with animals, enjoy working with others, and are looking for a rewarding career that has a lot of upward mobility, consider working in this industry. 

This program will set you on the path to becoming a swine production technician. Gain an understanding of swine operations including regulations, health and safety, record keeping, and maintenance of barns and barn systems. Learn production practices related to stockmanship, pig health care, breeding, farrowing, nursery, and grow and finish. Professionalism skills will be built through communication and conflict resolution learning activities. 

The Swine Production Foundations program is available in a distance or blended (online/in-person) delivery format, providing you with the flexibility you need to complete your education. Whether you’re currently working in a barn and want to increase your knowledge or looking to move into the industry, you can take these courses in a way that suits you and your life.  

The program is divided into three courses. If you are taking it by distance (starting monthly), an instructor supports your learning and is available to guide you as you work through the self-directed courses.

If you successfully take all three courses within five years, you will graduate with a document of achievement. To apply click on the Admissions tab above.



Please review the application guide which walks you through all of the steps required to apply to the program and register for courses.

To apply students must complete a statement of interest for admission into the Swine Production Foundations program and complete the online registration form.

The Statement of Interest will be used to assess the following admission requirements:

  • a) Current employment in the commercial swine industry
  • b) Prospective employment in a commercial swine operation upon course/program completion
  • c) Ownership of a commercial swine operation

To graduate with a Swine Production Foundations document of achievement, students must successfully complete 24 academic credits.

English is the language of instruction at Assiniboine. All applicants educated outside of Canada or in a country not on the test-exempt list are expected to meet the English language proficiency requirement. See assiniboine.net/elp for more information.

Next Steps

Apply online by visiting the Apply to a Program page. Choose “On-Campus and Distance Education programs for domestic students”. Create an account and select Advanced Swine Production and preferred start date in your program choice.

Careers & Connections

Swine Technicians are important members of the swine production team in pig operations. Employers include pig barns operated by large corporations and independent farms located across Manitoba.   

Tools & Supplies

At-Home Computing 

For this program, you are expected to have access to a computer and internet. 

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Courses & Costs

Tuition, fees and Students’ Association fees total approximately $1,845 for the full program.

All fees are estimated and are subject to change without notice.

Course Number Course Credits Costs
Swine Operation Foundations

Responsibilities of a swine technician related to swine operations are explored. The structure and scope of the pork industry will be discussed including biosecurity and safety and health procedures for swine production facilities. Record keeping and maintenance of pig barns, barn systems and the role of a swine technician are included.

6 $460
Professionalism for Swine Tech

The role of a swine technician to perform at a high level as a team member and stakeholder in the swine industry will be explored. Topics include preparing for and understanding the workplace, interacting efficiently and sharing the organizational vision. Areas of communication, conflict resolution and workplace diversity will be covered.

6 $460
Swine Production Practices 1

Stockmanship and animal welfare responsibilities are defined as they pertain to a swine technician. Production practices throughout the pig life cycle including breeding, farrowing, nursery, grow and finish are taught along with pig health care. Understanding production practices will enable the swine technician to maintain the health of animals in their care and meet production requirements.

12 $925

To register for courses please see the Distance Education tab above.

Distance Education

The Swine Production Foundations program is available for study through distance education. 

If you have been accepted into the program, you can register and pay for your course by completing the registration form. Please ensure you include the course number, course name and start date you wish to add (see Courses and Costs tab for the full list of courses and course numbers).

Courses are offered the 1st of every month. You have either four or eight months to complete the course from the start date of the course, depending on the number of credit hours. The deadline to register is the 20th of the prior month; however, you can register at any time—you don’t need to wait for the deadline. Please refer to the program calendar for registration deadlines.

Please ensure that you review our academic policies, including policy A20: Registering, Adding and Dropping Courses, which explains the refund policy for distance education courses; and A10: Maintaining Active Student Status, which details how often you need to complete a course to remain active in your program. You have five years to complete a program. 

Fast Facts

Program Start
First of every month
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Program Information Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the Swine Production Foundations program?

Please note that you must apply to the Swine Production Foundations program and meet admission requirements before you are eligible to register in the course. Apply online by visiting the Apply to a Program page. Choose “On-Campus and Distance Education programs for domestic students”. Create an account and select Swine Production Foundations and preferred start date in your program choice.

Once you have been accepted into the program, you will receive information about how to register and pay for the courses online via MyACC. You will need a Visa, Visa Debit or MasterCard to pay online.

If you are paying by any other method, please complete a registration form and mail it in with your payment or drop off at the Registrar's Office at Victoria Avenue East, Brandon.

What are the start dates and costs for Swine Production Foundations?

The courses in this program start on the first day of every month. The deadline to register is the 20th of the prior month. The cost to apply to the program is $95; the total program cost is $970, but you pay for each course as you register for it.

Swine Production Foundations is self-directed, what does that mean?

This program is delivered completely online through Moodle, Assiniboine’s learning management system. An instructor will be available to answer questions and support you as you work through your courses. Once you have successfully completed all three courses, you will receive your Document of Achievement.

How do I access the Swine Production Foundations online courses?

Two to three days prior to the start of your course, you will receive an enrollment key and a link to the course Moodle page from the program coordinator.