student sitting with an elder

Visiting Elders & Knowledge Keepers

Knowledge and Teachings

Visiting Elders and Knowledge Keepers are available at all Brandon campuses for customary and historical knowledge and teachings. They represent Dakota, Anishinaabe, Cree, St'at'imc and Métis Nations, who provide guidance, teachings, historical information, customary knowledge and support to all students. Although our Elders are not always present on campus, they will meet with students when there is a request to do so. Meeting with an Elder may be as informal as a casual visit or can include cultural or spiritual teachings and guidance. They are a support and resource for both students and staff.

We are honoured to have the Elders and Knowledge Keepers support and guide us here at Assiniboine.

Elders and Knowledge Keepers attend the college on rotation and are at the Brandon Cultural Centre every Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. or virtually on Zoom, email for the link.

Elders and Knowledge Keepers are also available outside of these hours upon request.

Visiting Elders and Knowledge Keepers

Elders Program:

  • Shirley Norquay - Anishinaabe
  • Eugene Ross - Dakota
  • Verna Demontigny - Métis
  • Harvey Pelletier - Métis
  • Gerry Oleman - St'at'imc
  • Marina Tacan - Dakota

Knowledge Keepers:

  • Ken Norquay – Anishinaabe
  • Deborah Tacan – Cree/Metis
  • Frank Tacan – Dakota
  • Susie McPherson-Derendy - Cree