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Agriculture Extension

Enhance Your Skills

Agriculture has always been important in Manitoba. Enhance your skills to work in this fast-growing sector of the Manitoba economy.

Certified Crop Advisor

Ready to advance your career? Become a Certified Crop Advisor. Enhance your success by taking this CCA tutorial training session at Assiniboine Community College before writing the Certified Crop Advisor Prairie Province and International exam. Topics include Nutrient Management, Soil & Water Management, Integrated Pest Management and Crop Management.

Date: January TBD
Price: $799 (plus GST)
Start: Monday - Thursday

Manure Management Planner

Become a qualified Manure Management Planner and be qualified to submit a Manure Management Plan to Manitoba Sustainable Development. Manure Management Planners who prepare plans must have successfully completed the Manure Management Planner Course and be members in good standing of the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists (MIA) or Certified Crop Advisors.

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Date: February TBD
Price: $850
Start: Monday - Thursday

Commercial Manure Applicator

This program prepares students to write the examinations required for licensing as Commercial Manure Applicator or Off-farm Manure Applicator. The Government of Manitoba, Assiniboine Community College and industry partners have created a Commercial Manure Applicator Courses for training.

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Date: March or April TBD
Price: $400
Start: Thursday