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Student Aid Tips

The Manitoba Student Aid program consists of student loans and grants. For students with limited resources, government loans are usually the best option, as they are interest-free as long as you are a student. This can save you thousands of dollars when it comes time for repayment.

A number of different grants provide additional non-repayable assistance to students who fit a variety of categories.


Apply as early as possible. Student Aid promises “results in two weeks”, but this only means you will get a notification in two weeks. Getting your money will take from six to eight weeks. You can apply for Manitoba Student Aid starting in early June 1 of the year that you will be attending school up until two months prior to your end date.

You do not need to be accepted into a program to apply for student aid. Apply for student aid early, ideally two months prior to your expected start date. If you are not accepted into a program, the college will not confirm your enrolment, and you can cancel your application.

The Manitoba Student Aid application form is found at It is extremely important to remember your login and password you create for your account. You can track the progress of your student loan, change your personal information, and print documents you’ll need to complete the application process.

Remember to read all correspondence carefully, and send back all documents requested. Your financial aid won’t be processed without them. Your student aid documents will be sent to you at the address you use when you apply. Be sure to keep the Student Aid office informed of address changes.

Confirming enrolment with Student Aid

Student Aid will contact your post-secondary institution directly to confirm your enrolment for current student aid disbursements. You will not need to contact your institution. However, if you have previous student aid you are in repayment for and have returned to a post-secondary institution to study, you will need to contact your Financial Aid & Awards Office.

Financial Aid & Awards Office - Registrar's Office
Assiniboine Community College
1430 Victoria Avenue East
Brandon, MB R7A 2A9


If you are not applying for a new student loan, student aid will need to be informed that you have returned to school. A form will be completed to stop payments and interest on previous student loans during your study period. Please email the Financial Aid & Awards Office at the email above.

Out-of-province student aid

If you are receiving student aid from a province other than Manitoba, you will need to take all forms to the Financial Aid & Award Officer for processing.