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Government Student Aid

Student loans are available to students through provincial and federal student aid programs. Non-repayable grants and bursaries are also available. Student loans stay interest-free for a period of six months after you complete your schooling. If you are studying full-time, you can apply online. If you are studying part-time or by distance education, you must complete a paper application. If you have not lived in Manitoba for a minimum of 12 months prior to starting school, you must apply for financial aid through your home province.

See if you're eligible for a student loan.

The Student Aid Estimator shows the amount of federal student aid you could receive from the Canada Student Financial Assistance Program. The actual grant and loan amounts are determined once you apply through your provincial student aid office.

All international students and students in the Mature Student High School program are not eligible to apply for Manitoba Student Aid.

Student Loan Estimator

Manitoba Student Aid

The Manitoba Student Aid program consists of student loans and grants. For students with limited resources, government loans are usually the best option, as they are interest-free as long as you are a student. This can save you thousands of dollars when it comes time for repayment.

Several different grants provide additional non-repayable assistance to students who fit a variety of categories. Applications are available in early July for programs starting after August 1 of that year.

Things to know

  • Apply as early as possible. Student Aid promises “results in two weeks”, but this only means you will get a notification in two weeks. Getting your money will take from six to eight weeks. You can apply for Manitoba Student Aid starting in early June 1 of the year that you will be attending school up until two months prior to your end date.
  • Remember your login and password for your Manitoba Student Aid account. You can track your student loan progress, update personal information, and print application documents.
  • Read all correspondence carefully and return the requested documents to process your financial aid.
  • Notify the Manitoba Student Aid office of address changes.
  • Student Aid will contact your post-secondary institution directly to confirm your enrolment for current student aid disbursements. You will not need to contact your institution. However, if you have previous student aid you are in repayment for and have returned to a post-secondary institution to study, you will need to contact your Financial Aid & Awards Office.

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Out-of-Province Student Aid

If you receive student aid from a province other than Manitoba, there is additional paperwork required to be completed by the Financial Aid & Awards Office. Please email or bring all forms to the Financial Aid & Award Office, located at Victoria Avenue East campus in Brandon.

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Do I need a student number to apply for government student aid?

No, you do not need a student number to apply for a government student aid. However, you will be required to provide your student number as a required document if not provided when completing the application.

When should I apply for government student aid?

Apply early! Applications for government student aid are usually available by mid-June for the next academic year. Student Aid’s academic year is from August 1 to July 31.

How do I know if I am full-time or part-time?

If you are not taking 100% of the courses in your program, please email to verify your course load and guidance on full-time or part-time status for Student Aid purposes.

Do I have to be accepted into a program to apply for government student aid?

No, you can apply for government Student Aid even if you have not yet been accepted into a program.

I am taking a program by distance education, is it eligible for government aid?

Distance Education programs may be eligible for part-time student loans only. To determine if your program is eligible, please visit Manitoba Student Aid.

When will I receive government student aid funds?

Student Aid funds are not paid until one week before classes start. Students needing loan funds for tuition must ensure all documentation is verified by Student Aid. Assiniboine will receive funds from your Government loans to pay for tuition.

When can I request a confirmation of enrolment to notify Student Aid that I am back in school?

Confirmation of Enrolment can not be completed until after your study period start date. If you have applied and been approved for new student aid funds you do not need to complete a confirmation of enrolment form. When your new student aid enrolment is verified by Assiniboine, your previous student loan will revert to interest free and stop payment.

I am auditing a course, is it included in full-time status for government student aid purposes?

No, audited courses are not included when calculating course load for government student aid.

If I get approved to transfer credit to my Assiniboine program, does this impact my government student aid?

Depending on the amount of course credits you receive credit for, it may impact your student aid. Students must remain in a 60% course load or higher each term in order to be eligible for full-time student aid. Students enrolled in 20-59% of a full course load may be eligible for part-time student aid.

I don’t want government student aid in the second year of my program, what do I need to do?

Once the academic year has started, you will need to complete the Confirmation of Return to School documentation online to notify the government that you are back in school (to avoid going into repayment status). Assiniboine will complete the confirmation of enrolment once notified by the government.

I have dropped from full-time to part-time, what do I need to do?

Please notify the Financial Aid & Awards Office at to inform your course load has been reduced. This may impact your student aid. Please refer to the above question with regard to transfer credits as this may impact course load.

When do I need to repay my government student aid?

Students go into repayment as soon as they are no longer a full-time student. Loan payments begin six months after the last day of full-time status.