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Current Campaigns

Opportunities for giving include many projects small and large. Contact us at donatetoday@assiniboine.net to learn about an opportunity that fits your interest.

Adding to the high-tech family with pediatric mannequins

Assiniboine is embarking on the next phase of student education in our Practical Nursing program. In 2016, we opened our HOLO (Hands On Learning Opportunity) suites, equipped with the latest models of high fidelity simulation mannequins. Now the college is adding to the family with 2 pediatric mannequins.

The main pediatrics unit for the province lives at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, while the Brandon Regional Health Centre houses a smaller pediatrics unit to support Westman. In rural health care, nurses must be equipped with pediatric skills to properly and responsibly provide care, since they are often the first point of contact before a child can be sent to a larger centre. Read more about the project here.

Centre for Creative Media

Assiniboine is creating a new leading-edge Centre for Creative Media (CCM). This 8,000 square foot Centre will house new equipment, replacing older outdated models, and integrate technology into a single space, training graduates for rapidly changing, technology-driven careers in media, communications, design and development. Three new programs will welcome 30% more students to train in an industry-standard space on industry-standard equipment.

The centre will increase the teaching and learning space, include a makerspace and showcase space to ingrate employers more closely with students. Read more about the project here.

Are you an Assiniboine creative media alum? If you studied creative media, whether during the Broadcast Arts, Web Design, Media Production or IMA generation, check out how you can Leave Your Mark.

Prairie Innovation Centre for sustainable agriculture

Assiniboine College has a plan to grow from less than 300 students in agriculture, environment and related technology programs to more than 800 students. The Prairie Innovation Centre will be the hub for agriculture innovation, the academic heart of agricultural and environmental education in Western Manitoba, preparing the next generation of skilled professionals. Read more about the project here.

Funding Futures

Can you help pay it forward to future Assiniboine alumni?

In 2020, Assiniboine dispersed over $439,000 in financial awards to 338 students. No gift is too small. Donations to Funding Futures go directly to financial awards for students. For some students, these awards mean the difference between getting to attend college or not; for others, it means not being held back by finances; and for others still, it means recognition for their hard work and determination. Hear about the difference financial support has made to students here.