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Current Campaigns

Opportunities for giving include many projects small and large. Contact us at donatetoday@assiniboine.net to learn about an opportunity that fits your interest.

Prairie Innovation Centre for Sustainable Agriculture

Assiniboine College has a plan to grow from less than 300 students in agriculture, environment and related technology programs to more than 800 students. The Prairie Innovation Centre will be the hub for agriculture innovation, the academic heart of agricultural and environmental education in Western Manitoba, preparing the next generation of skilled professionals.

Read more about the project here.

Funding Futures

Can you help pay it forward to future Assiniboine alumni?

In 2023, Assiniboine dispersed over $600,000 in financial awards. No gift is too small. Donations to Funding Futures go directly to financial awards for students. For some students, these awards mean the difference between getting to attend college or not; for others, it means not being held back by finances; and for others still, it means recognition for their hard work and determination.

Hear about the difference financial support has made to students here.

Food Security Research

Over the past decade, our researchers have investigated various roles greenhouses can play in addressing food security. Building on the success of past and current projects, Assiniboine plans to expand the current sustainable greenhouse complex and develop dedicated research laboratory infrastructure to advance horticulture research, lessen the impact of climate change on food production and improve food security. More about supporting the greenhouse expansion here.

Alumni for PIC – Celebrating 45 years of ag programming at Assiniboine

The Russ Edwards School of Agriculture & Environment is celebrating 45 years of agriculture-related programming at Assiniboine. We are calling on alumni to help us bring the Prairie Innovation Centre campaign over the finish line. The Prairie Innovation Centre for Sustainable Agriculture is Assiniboine’s vision for the future of ag education in Western Manitoba, and will be a world-class facility that will support this education.

More on this campaign here.