Students using SafeWalk

Security Supports & Services

Providing a Safe and Secure Environment

Security personnel at the college help to ensure a safe, welcoming environment for everyone on campus. Please feel free to approach security staff—we're here to help! We provide many services and assistance to our students, staff and guests.

Safe Walk

Security staff will walk you to your car on campus or in the neighborhood. Just ask!

  • Victoria Avenue East campus – Visit the security kiosk or call extension 7777 or direct at 204.725.8746.
  • North Hill campus and Adult Collegiate – call extension 7778 from a college phone or direct at 204.725.8747
  • Parkland campus – Visit the security kiosk or call extension 6559 or direct at 204.622.2222 ext 6559.

Vehicle booster service

In the cold winter months, you may need a jump to get your vehicle running. Ask security for a hand; they have booster kits on site.

Certified in First Aid and CPR

In the event of an emergency, you should first dial 911 (9-911 on college phones). Security personnel are trained in First Aid and CPR and should also be notified during an emergency if safe to do so.

Lost and found

If you come across an item someone has left behind, take it to security. If you’ve misplaced something on campus, head there to see if someone has dropped it off.

College information and room directions

Security can direct you to a room location if you’re unsure of where it is on campus.


If you are in doubt about where to park, the rules related to parking, or you find that someone is parked in your spot, Security is there to help you to the best of their ability. Security is tasked with parking enforcement at most Assiniboine campuses and can assist with any issues related to parking.

Learn about parking availability and pricing.

REES Partnership

Assiniboine is a partner of REES (Respect, Educate, Empower Survivors) which provide online reporting for sexual violence on campus. REES allows members of our campus community to create a record of the incident and provides multiple reporting options that include Anonymous Report, Connect to My Campus and Report to Police. REES also provides information about campus and community-based resources such as sexual assault centres, healthcare, and support services.

Learn more about REES Make a Report