Assiniboine announces more than $600K in financial awards, celebrates recipients and donors at new event

College celebrates student award recipients and donors at #humblebrag event
College celebrates student award recipients and donors at #humblebrag event.

Assiniboine Community College has announced that it has distributed $612,550 in financial awards for the 2022-23 academic year. The college is celebrating these financial award recipients and donors this evening with a new event, the #HumbleBrag Student Award Recipient Celebration.

“These students have worked very hard to advance their education and we feel they deserve to be recognized. That’s what inspired our #HumbleBrag student celebration event―the desire to shine a spotlight on these students and thank the generous community of donors who have made these awards possible,” said Derrick Turner, Director, Advancement & External Relations at Assiniboine.

“The goal of our fundraising is always to enhance the student experience. Whether it’s through learning tools and facilities or student financial awards, our efforts are student-focused.”

This sum will help more than 350 students who are pursuing training at Assiniboine this year. Financial awards are given to students based on a variety of indicators, including financial need, academic performance, athletic participation and emergency needs.

Assiniboine has a strong community of supporters with a long history of giving to support student needs. Tundra Oil and Gas recently created a new student award for Indigenous learners, and sees the value in supporting students’ futures.

“Tundra is proud to support Assiniboine Community College students as they journey toward their educational goals,” said Jane Mactaggart, President & CEO of Tundra Oil & Gas. “Recipients of the Tundra Oil & Gas Indigenous Award demonstrate leadership and community service, in addition to their academic performance. Assiniboine Community College plays an important role in helping build pathways for Indigenous learners and we’re honoured to participate in events like this that celebrate these students and their achievements.”

Assiniboine’s #HumbleBrag Student Award Recipient Celebration, held at the college’s Victoria Avenue East campus, heard first-hand from student award recipient Charlene Nault, a Social Service Worker student who received the Tundra Oil & Gas award this year.

“I want to thank Tundra Oil & Gas for the generous scholarship that I received, as it has helped me to give back to other students. It is a huge benefit to not have to work through the school year and to be able to mentor others, be a student leader and gain so much valuable leadership experience,” said Nault. “As a Métis student in her 40s, who had everything working against her to be here today, it is both a miracle and an honour, so I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped in the process of making that happen.”