Assiniboine Faculty Nominated for Women of Distinction Awards

2023 Women of Distinction Nominees
Award Nominees Danielle Tichit and Dr. Poonam Singh

Two faculty members within Assiniboine’s Russ Edwards School of Agriculture and Environment, Danielle Tichit and Dr. Poonam Singh, are amongst 22 women who have been nominated for the 2023 YWCA Women of Distinction awards. Tichit, an Agribusiness instructor, was nominated for the Agriculture Award. Dr. Singh, a professor and researcher in the Horticulture Production and Sustainable Food Systems programs, was nominated in the Science, Technology and Trades award category.

“It is an enormous honour for me to be a nominee for the Women of Distinction Award in the Science, Technology, and Trade field”, said Dr. Singh. “This nomination for the Women of Distinction Award serves as a reminder that, when we put in the necessary effort and have faith in our ability to succeed, women can excel in any industry they choose.”

The awards recognize the ongoing efforts, dedication, and leadership of the strong, talented, and selfless women who help shape the Westman region.

“Thanks to this nomination, my 14-year-old daughters will get to witness first-hand the amazing accomplishments of so many women right here in Southwest Manitoba, enhancing their communities, excelling in their industries! That message is priceless and I am truly touched that someone took the time to recognize what I do so I can share this opportunity with them,” said Tichit.

The awards gala, to be held on March 9, fittingly follows International Women’s Day on March 8.

“This recognition encourages me to continue working towards breaking barriers and creating opportunities for other women to succeed. I appreciate the acknowledgment, and I hope that my nomination will encourage more women to pursue careers in the field of science. In addition to being honoured to be a part of this community, I am eager to see what the future holds for women in science,” said Dr. Singh.

About Dr. Poonam Singh

Dr. Poonam Singh joined the college in 2015 as a Professor of Horticultural Science in the Horticultural Production and Sustainable Food Systems programs. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, a Bachelor of Education degree, a BC Provincial Instructor diploma, a Master’s of Science in Landscaping and Floriculture, and a Doctorate in Horticulture. Dr. Singh’s research focuses on developing sustainable technologies for the greenhouse production of horticultural crops, evaluating new soilless media/substrates, hydroponic crop cultures, vertical farming, and horticultural crop physiology. Dr. Singh’s research is helping growers in reducing production costs, increasing resource efficiency, and contributing to long-term economic and environmental sustainability.

About Danielle Tichit

Danielle has been an instructor in the Agribusiness program with Assiniboine Community College since 2007. She developed an interest in agriculture early on, having grown up on a small mixed farm east of Deloraine, MB and went on to receive her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture at the University of Manitoba. Danielle spent many years working with farms and retails across Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan in Crop protection and seed sales before coming to the college. Holding positions on a variety of industry boards such as Agrologists Manitoba, Manitoba Zero Tillage Association and most recently the Prairie Certified Crop Advisors. As an instructor, she strives to provide relevant agronomic education to her students while contributing to on-going training opportunities for industry agronomists through Assiniboine.