Assiniboine provides $600K in financial awards to 2021/22 students

Two women pose facing the camera - a student and the Dean of Business. The student, in the left of the frame holds a certificate encased in an Assiniboine Community College presentation folder.

Assiniboine has now distributed most of its student financial awards for the current academic year, and with the final count, has awarded more than $600,000 in financial awards to students for the 2021/22 academic year. This record-breaking sum is $150,000 more than the previous academic year and the largest disbursement of student awards in college history.

“This is a magnificent milestone, and something that has the power to create and enhance possibilities for many Assiniboine students,” said Derrick Turner, Director, Advancement & External Relations at Assiniboine. “The goal of our fundraising is always to enhance the student experience. Whether it’s learning tools and facilities or student financial awards, our efforts are student-focussed.”

This record, we hope, is the first of many to come. We’re incredibly grateful, as are the students, for the phenomenal community support we receive to make this possible.

Awards distributed from this record amount will help close to 300 students pursuing training at Assiniboine this year. Financial awards are given to students based on a variety of indicators, including financial need, academic performance, athletic participation and emergency needs.

“As a community member and employer of current and future alumni, we know the value of helping students to focus on their college experience with less stress about funding that experience,” said Tyler Porter, Human Resources Leader with Koch Fertilizer Canada ULC, which has sponsored financial awards since 2010 and currently provides four $2,500 entrance awards.

Not only do we see the importance of student success every day in our business operations, but also in the community at large. We’re proud to work with Assiniboine to add some positivity to students’ lives.”

Assiniboine’s college community has a long history of giving to support student needs. Along with new and existing award sponsors like Koch Fertilizer Canada, the college’s Funding Futures campaign connects with staff and alumni, and has raised close to $90,000 through the past four years.

“In addition to being a fundraising campaign to support student awards, Funding Futures allows us to further the sense of community that exists between staff, students and alumni. Alumni belong to something bigger—a community of people who have similar experiences and can celebrate their successes while giving back to the next generation,” said Lisa Huston, Advancement Officer.

The Funding Futures campaign, now in its fifth year, wraps up at the end of 2021, but the college continues to accept donation to student awards and other special projects year-round. Visit for more information or to donate.