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Assiniboine supporters convert cancelled Gala funds toward emergency student needs

A culinary student prepares to serve dessert at the 2019 Foundation Gala Dinner

Many supporters who had planned to attend and sponsor the Assiniboine Foundation Legacy Gala Dinner have donated more than $24,000 collectively for emergency student assistance amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The college’s charitable foundation welcomes others from the community to contribute to this fund as it continues to respond to urgent student needs.

Changes as a result of the current public health situation, both within Assiniboine’s operations and outside the college, will place new demands on some students related to housing, computer and internet access, income disruptions, social isolation and other financial stressors.

These funds, which supporters chose to re-allocate once the dinner was cancelled, will be available to students in need to help relieve some of these unexpected demands.

“We are beyond grateful to see such continued support as we navigate this trying time together,” said Derrick Turner, Director of Advancement at Assiniboine Community College.

Student success has long been a focus for these supporters and it’s heartening to see their response to student needs at this critical juncture.

“These are extraordinary times and it is important for our communities to come together and collectively support each other,” said Terry Burgess, Regional Vice President, RBC. “RBC remains committed to supporting partners, like Assiniboine, and the communities we serve, now and into the future. We are pleased to see Assiniboine take a new approach in the allocation of Foundation Gala proceeds to support the needs of students as they navigate these uncertain times.”

As a result of the measures put in place on March 13 in response to the evolving COVID-19 situation, the Foundation’s Legacy Gala Dinner, planned for March 19, was cancelled. On March 20, as the college suspended face-to-face delivery of classes, students and faculty transitioned to complete programs through alternative delivery formats.

Most recently, Assiniboine announced that the more than 1,300 graduates projected when this academic year ends in June would participate in the fall graduation ceremonies held in October, 2020.

For information on how to give directly to the emergency student assistance fund, visit assiniboine.net/foundation or email foundation@assiniboine.net.