Assiniboine’s Prairie Innovation Centre receives $10K from Guild/HMS Insurance Group

A student and instructor work in the greenhouse. A green colour wash overlays the photo with text reading: Thank You for Supporting The Prairie Innovation Centre [return] Guild Insurance $10,000

Guild/HMS Insurance Group has donated $10,000 to support Assiniboine’s Prairie Innovation Centre for Sustainable Agriculture. The campaign to build this facility, Assiniboine’s response to labour market demands in agriculture, was announced in October, 2020.

“Agriculture is an important part of the communities Guild/HMS is proud to operate in across Westman. Farmers feed the world, and do so with certain resources like land that you can’t make more of, so continued innovation in the agriculture industry is vitally important for all of us,” said Brett McGregor, President at Guild/HMS Insurance Group.

The training and research that will take place at the new Prairie Innovation Centre for Sustainable Agriculture will increase efficiency and profitability of farms of all sizes, which is good for our customers and the markets they serve.

The Prairie Innovation Centre is Assiniboine’s vision for the future of agriculture training. The facility, to be located on the historic North Hill campus in Brandon, will combine indoor and outdoor learning spaces for hands-on training experiences.

“Looking at a home-grown solution to growing agriculture sector needs, we are grateful for support from a truly Westman entity like Guild/HMS Insurance,” said Mark Frison, president at Assiniboine.

The Prairie Innovation Centre will help people develop skills and talents for new emerging jobs. It will allow Assiniboine to align programs related to agriculture and environment to meet industry and economy needs.

This donation from Guild/HMS Insurance Group contributes to a large capital campaign to build the Prairie Innovation Centre, ultimately providing a home-grown hub for agriculture innovation right here in Westman.

We are proud to support Assiniboine in this project. They are an important contributor to the local economy, working to train the next generations of workers in many industries, including this project focused on the agriculture industry.