Bélanger a Welcomed Addition to the Cougars


Alisz Belanger, from Ile-des Chênes, Manitoba is the newest commitment to join the Cougars Hockey team this upcoming September.

Alisz Bélanger, standing at 5’8, is a member of the AA South East Sharks where she played right wing and center as well as the role as the assistant captain this past season.

Her passion for being on the ice started at the age of 8 when she began playing Ringette where she found herself winning multiple championships over the years. She credits the sport for building her ability and speed. “It was all about teamwork and passing, this has become a big part of my hockey skills,” said Bélanger. As opportunities to play Ringette lessened, Belanger turned to hockey, transferring her passion and desire to succeed in hockey. Belanger has proven that she has the determination to get to where she wants to go, now she just hopes for a season come September. “I am looking forward to playing with elite players and hopefully we will be able to travel and play in different cities.”

While many teams were benched this season due to Covid, Bélanger used the lockdown to keep up with her off ice training and took advantage of the outdoor rinks. With all of the changes that she endured as an athlete over the past year she credits her South East Shark coaches who were able to provide zoom dryland and training sessions “I am very thankful to them and our team manger, they were there for us on and off the ice” said Bélanger.

Deciding to pursue a spot on the Cougars roster was driven by the school and programs reputation. “The more information I uncovered the more I knew that this is where I wanted to be” said Bélanger. “I wanted to continue to improve my hockey skills in a competitive environment and I believe that coach Tony and the rest of the staff will help me achieve my goals.”

Tony Bertone, the Head Coach of the Cougars hockey program, heard nothing but positive accolades from Bélanger’s previous coaches. “Her current coach praised her as a very coachable player and her willingness to leave new systems made her a great team player” said Bertone.

Alisz has unbelievable speed and combined with her aggressive nature for checking has us believing that she will be a great fit for our program”.

Bélanger has been accepted into the Business program at Assiniboine Community College for the 2021-22 academic year.