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Connecting with the College Community

Connecting with the College Community

Funding Futures is Assiniboine’s annual fundraising campaign that encourages the alumni and extended college community to contribute to the success of current students—future alumni. More than that, Funding Futures aims to create a sense of community and build upon the positive experiences alumni and supporters have with the college.

Over the last four years, this campaign has raised close to $90,000. Every penny of these funds, contributed directly to student financial awards, is important. One donation in particular though, stands out. The value was generous, but what made it remarkable was the connection the donor had with the college and the experiences that motivated him to donate.

Hooman Aminian came to Canada as a refugee in 1984. He took ESL at Assiniboine before enrolling in in a 10-month pre-employment course in Heavy Duty Mechanics in the fall of 1985.

“I consider myself very lucky in terms of receiving support, whether financial or otherwise,” said Aminian. “And also landing a good job. I thought it would be nice to pay it forward.” And he did. In 2020, Aminian donated $10,000 for the annual Funding Futures campaign.

“This sort of support is what this campaign is all about,” said Derrick Turner, Director of Advancement and External Relations. “The value is a bonus—at its heart, this campaign is about connection, and that Hooman felt such a tie to Assiniboine is worth more than any dollar amount. It’s a community campaign focused on strengthening the sense of community we hope to provide our students and alumni with.”

After graduating from Assiniboine, Aminian got a job with CN Rail. In 2003, he transferred to CN’s mechanical department.

“My job now consists of repair and maintenance of locomotives, which I absolutely love,” he said. “After 35 years with the company, I am still working and enjoying it.”

“Since ACC played an important role in where I am now, I thought this way I can show my gratitude and appreciation,” he said of his generous donation.

“I was hoping to help some students who didn’t have as good an opportunity as I did and hopefully in the future, they may do the same.”