Counsellors Day

Councilors Day at Assiniboine
Councilors Day at Assiniboine

Over 50 counsellors attended the Annual Counsellors’ Day at Assiniboine on Thursday, November 14 to learn about the college’s programs, the latest news and details regarding admissions and financial aid.

“It’s a significant date on the calendar as it allows Assiniboine to communicate directly with the people who are in schools and other organizations helping youth and adults plan their post-secondary education,” said Erin Lambert, Manager of Recruitment at Assiniboine.

“The day is full of engaging information sessions about admissions information, program developments, and information which they can take back to their students and clients to help guide them.” Chairs from Assiniboine’s programs presented to the counsellors ensuring the most up to date and engaging information was discussed. Counsellors also attended tours  through the North Hill campus to experience first-hand the impressive facilities available to students.