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Hayley Matiowsky

When Hayley Matiowsky moved to Brandon from Birtle, Manitoba, she knew it would be a big change.

After what she describes as a nerve-wracking transition, her start at Assiniboine ended up being less intimidating than she thought it might be. Now in her second year of the Legal Administration diploma program, she has found her groove at the college and is enjoying a well-rounded experience.

“I’ve met some cool people,” says Matiowsky. “I like the things that [college] offers—different activities, like Cram Jam. I enjoy coming to those.”

A bonus in her adjustment to college life was receiving a $2,000 award (Lillian May Knox Award) between her first and second year. The award, she says, helped her comfort level and enjoyment of college by allowing her more financial and personal freedom. Many weekends, Hayley likes to travel back to her hometown Birtle, about an hour and a half northwest of Brandon. With the award helping cover her tuition, she says she now has some funds freed up to make these trips as she pleases. The financial boost has also allowed Hayley to embrace college life outside of the classroom, attending college and social events.

“I would usually just stay at home and not do much, but now I find I can do a little more and have a little extra,” she said. “It lets you do that college stuff and lets you live the full college experience.”

Outside of enjoying the social activities and academic material, Hayley enjoys the familiarity she’s built with instructors. In a small class, she says, you really feel like your instructors really know you.

“You don’t get lost in the shuffle.”

Hayley currently has her eye on a career at a law firm, but is open to expanding her education once she graduates.

“It may make them want to come back,” she said of how awards like hers can help students continue their education. “It helps if you’re like, ‘Oh, I don’t know if I can afford another year.’”

As she finishes up her program, she’s considering taking courses in Medical Administration at Assiniboine to open herself to more opportunities and has thought of becoming a certified paralegal in the future.