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Large majority of Assiniboine grads have jobs, stay in Manitoba

A group of nine graduates pose for a photo wearing their caps and gowns and holding their diplomas.

The overwhelming majority of recent Assiniboine Community College graduates are living and working in Manitoba, according to the college’s annual graduate satisfaction & employment survey results.

The 2021 survey shows that 92 per cent of graduates have jobs within nine months of graduation, with 95 per cent working full-time four years after graduation. Eighty per cent of graduates say they are working in a career related to their field of study after nine months.

“Providing exceptional experiences extends beyond their graduation. It’s our goal to ensure there are clear pathways to related careers for our graduates,” said Assiniboine president, Mark Frison. “Seeing Assiniboine graduates secure employment while meeting industry and community needs is a crucial part of what we are continually working toward at the college.”

And Assiniboine is not only setting graduates up for success, it’s infusing these newly skilled workers into the provincial workforce, helping Manitoba’s economy reach its full potential.

This year’s survey showed that 93 per cent of graduates stayed in Manitoba after graduation.

“An important aspect of our province’s Skills, Talent and Knowledge Strategy is working with post-secondary to ensure that we are building a labour pool that will meet the current and future labour market needs,” said Hon. Wayne Ewasko, Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Immigration.

We know we are heading in the right direction when we see that the vast majority of this new local talent is staying put in Manitoba, advancing the economic prosperity of our communities.

The graduate employment survey also revealed that the average Assiniboine graduate makes an annual salary of more than $45,000 just nine months after graduating. For survey respondents who were four years post-graduation, this increases to more than $58,000. Nine out of 10 graduates would recommend Assiniboine to a friend or family member.

The survey was conducted in spring 2021 by Insightrix Research.