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Love at Assiniboine

Left to right: Whitney, Evan, Max and Dana Roberts.
Left to right: Whitney, Evan, Max and Dana Roberts.

Get to know some Assiniboine alumni who met their life partner while studying at Assiniboine.

Whitney Roberts (nee Mann) Business Administration ‘07 and Dana Roberts Web Design ‘06

Both Manitoba locals, Whitney and Dana both grew up in Westman; Whitney is from Deloraine and Dana is from Brandon. After high school, Dana moved to Japan to teach English. While there, he started to learn programming, which confirmed his decision to study Web Design. During his time at Assiniboine, he met Whitney, who was studying Business Administration. Upon graduation, they relocated to Vancouver, where Whitney undertook additional study and Dana began working with creative agencies across Canada.

As their careers developed, they moved to Calgary, which is where Whitney found her passion for spin, a cycling movement. Combining their business skills with their love for cycling, Whitney and Dana decided to head back home to Brandon and open a spin studio, Tour Fit Club, in 2015. As the owners of Tour Fit Club, Whitney and Dana regularly host charity fundraising classes, in which 100% of class registrations go towards a local charity.

Cory dittmer
Left to right: Cory Dittmer and Stacy Dittmer
Cory Dittmer Business Administration ‘01 and Stacy Dittmer (nee Hawkins) Business Administration ‘01

Brandon locals, Cory and Stacy Dittmer met 19 years ago in their economics class while studying Business Administration at Assiniboine. Now husband and wife, Stacy runs her own business, Stacy Dittmer Fitness, instructing boot camps, running clubs, and group fitness classes. Cory has kept himself busy working at Kraft/Heinz for the last 16 years, while also volunteering his time coaching the AAA Bantam Wheat Kings.

Martin Raupers Heavy Duty Equipment Technician ‘10 and Level 4 Agricultural Equipment Technician Apprentice ‘14 and Jess Raupers (nee Spanjer) Web Design ‘11

Martin and Jess met the first week of college in September 2009 at the Houston’s shooter bar at the Let’s Get Acquainted Social. They ended up just getting to know each other over that school year and hung around in the same group of friends. It wasn’t until the following year that they ended up dating, and here they are, nearly ten years later, with four kids.

Martin, originally from Cardale, has now been the Service Operations Manager at AgWest Ltd for the last ten years. Jess grew up in Emerson and is currently self-employed as a freelance graphic designer, specializing in branding for small businesses. Jess is a current Brandon Career Symposium board member, past Assiniboine Alumni board member and previous chair of Yellowhead Regional Employment Services Board of Directors.

Left to right: Hazel, Jess, Eleanor, Lydia, Martin and Fynn Raupers.
Fast Family
Left to right: Hanna, Teresa, Seth and Keith Fast.
Keith Fast Business Administration ‘98 and Teresa Fast (nee Bock) Business Administration ‘99

Westman locals, Keith grew up in Rivers and Teresa grew up in Pilot Mound. Their paths crossed through mutual friends at a New Year’s Eve party in Brandon.

Keith was studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Sales, while Teresa was studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. After spending more time together and going on a few more dates, fast forward a few years, and in September Keith and Teresa will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.

Now, both Keith and Teresa are working at Roblin Ford Sales Ltd., a dealership within the Birchwood Automotive Group. Keith works as General Manager and Partner and Teresa works as Financial Services Manager. The family is extremely active in the community. Teresa has held positions on the local daycare board, Doctor Recruitment Committee, Rumble in Roblin Car Show and is involved with the church’s Sunday School program. Keith was the past President of the Roblin and District Chamber of Commerce, secretary of the Roblin Snowmobile Association and is currently a member of the local Citizens on Patrol and the Community Economic Development Board.