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Pfizer Canada support will expand Power Engineering program

student and faculty member work inside a power engineering plant

Assiniboine Community College and Pfizer Canada have partnered to deliver a new two-year Power Engineering diploma program that will train students for 4th Class and 3rd Class certification.

“There has long been incredible employer demand for trained workers in this occupation and strong demand for expanded seats in our Power Engineering program,” said Mark Frison, president of Assiniboine.

By partnering with Pfizer to certify more third class power engineers, we are continuing our mission to meet the need of Manitoba’s labour market.

Pfizer Canada expressed a desire to support relevant programming and student success at Assiniboine, and the two parties landed on Power Engineering as the best fit. Pfizer is one of the aforementioned local industry partners who have a demand for these trained graduates.

“We are pleased to support the Assiniboine Community College to implement concrete measures that will attract future students to their Power Engineering program,” said Ron Cherepuschak, Managing Director, Pfizer Global Supply, Pfizer Canada. “Our approach is to collaborate in new and dynamic ways with community stakeholders such as the Assiniboine Community College to help grow and scale future talent opportunities required for Manitoba to meet its growing economic demand.”

The new program will double student capacity from 16 to 32, bridging students in the college’s existing 4th Class Power Engineering program into the second year to prepare for 3rd Class certification. Across Canada, power engineers move through five classes descending numerically, with a 1st Class Engineer denoting the highest level of education in the occupation.

“This innovative partnership between Assiniboine Community College and Pfizer Canada will provide critical resources to allow students to participate in work-integrated learning to pursue careers as power engineers in Manitoba,” said Ralph Eichler, Manitoba Minister of Economic Development and Training.

Power engineers continue to be in high demand in our provincial labour market and this program expansion will help meet the needs of employers in Manitoba.

A portion of Pfizer’s $75,000 support will go to students entering Power Engineering at Assiniboine. Starting in fall 2021, students can apply for a $2,000 entrance award, a critical piece in moving the program forward. Assiniboine and Pfizer are currently in the curriculum development phase.

“We’re grateful to Pfizer Canada for their leadership in helping us to train students for occupations that are in demand, benefiting both graduates with well-paying careers and employers who are in clear need of trained power engineers,” said Frison.

The first intake for the new Power Engineering diploma program designed to train students to certify in both 3rd and 4th Class will begin in September 2021. Students start with 4th Class courses in their first year of studies, followed by the 3rd Class portion of the new program beginning in September 2022.

More details about the program and future program information sessions will be available at assiniboine.net as they become available.

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