Prairie Innovation Centre receives $25k boost from Compass Credit Union

Student works in a greenhouse in the foreground while classmates work together behind him.

Assiniboine Community College’s Prairie Innovation Centre looks to build on the college’s long history of delivering agricultural programming that is responsive to industry needs, and Assiniboine continues to engage partners who see the value in the future of agriculture in Manitoba. Compass Credit Union has recently come aboard with a $25,000 contribution.

“When the college approached us to be involved in this initiative and said they wanted to build a centre that partners with industry to provide creative and innovative solutions to problems, this was something that Compass Credit Union could get behind,” said Buck Bright, CEO of Compass Credit Union. “Agribusiness is important to Manitoba, important to our communities, important to cooperatives, and it's important to our members.”

The vision for the Prairie Innovation Centre is an integrated learning environment with a mixture of collaborative learning spaces, applied research labs and multipurpose spaces. The Centre will repurpose the Valleyview Building on the North Hill campus.

“The Prairie Innovation Centre will really be a hub for agriculture education, applied research and extension. It will give the college the ability to collaborate and work with industry to extend or transfer knowledge not only to students, but also to the agriculture sector and producers in Manitoba,” said Tim Hore, Dean of the School of Agriculture and Environment at Assiniboine.

Aside from the agricultural and community alignment, Compass Credit Union has historical ties to the site of the Centre, having amalgamated with the Brandon Mental Hospital Employees Credit Union in 1988.

“Compass Credit Union has a long history with the North Hill campus and the Valleyview building. Former employees and members of the facility joined Compass Credit Union with an amalgamation in 1988 and we feel that those members would be happy to see Compass Credit Union support an initiative that would ensure the facility would support future generations."