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Prestigious award recipients at Assiniboine recognized

Mark Frison (president, ACC), James Epp (ACC grad and award recipient) and Dave Hyde (Westoba Credit Union)
Assiniboine president, Mark Frison presents James Epp with his award at his place of employment, Westoba Credit Union, alongside Dave Hyde of Westoba.

The recipients of the Governor General’s Academic Medal and the Lieutenant Governor’s Silver Medals have been presented with their awards in advance of graduation this fall.

James Epp, Network Administration Technology graduate, is the recipient of the first ever Governor General’s award presented by Assiniboine.

"I am honoured to receive this award. I have a great appreciation for my instructors who encouraged and developed my spirit of discovery," said Epp.

Being able to challenge myself by asking the right questions and then having the confidence to find the answers to those questions has given me the skills necessary to develop my career and I am grateful to have this award recognize my abilities.

The Governor General’s Academic Medal recognizes academic excellence. The medal is awarded to the student who has achieved the highest overall average from a diploma program at the college.

“I congratulate James on receiving this prestigious academic award,” said Dr. Deanne Rexe, VP Academic at Assiniboine. “Receiving the highest grade point average at Assiniboine undoubtedly took great determination.

The Lieutenant Governor’s Silver Medal recognizes two students who have achieved outstanding academic performance and contributed in significant ways to the college and their community.

This year’s recipients are Darise Peters-Fontaine, a graduate of the Office Management program in Long Plain First Nation, and Mariah McCue, a graduate of Practical Nursing at the Victoria Avenue East campus in Brandon.

"Studying with Assiniboine Community College has been such a rewarding experience. It's uncommon for educational institutions to offer programs on reserves, so I knew I had to take advantage of this opportunity,” said Peters-Fontaine.

Receiving the Lieutenant Governor's award is an honour. I am grateful for the recognition this award brings and for the opportunities it opens up for my future.

“I was extremely nervous moving to a new province and starting out at a new school. Assiniboine quickly became like a second home, providing me with both an education and a hockey program,” said McCue. “

I was able to receive a diploma in nursing and be part of a National championship team 2019 along with an undefeated season in 2020. To say I’m grateful and lucky is an understatement. Thank you, Assiniboine, for three amazing years.

Students eligible for the Lieutenant Governor’s Silver Medal are nominated by any combination of three staff and students and selected based on academic and technical ability, participation in college community activities, and good character and personality.

“These award recipients embody what we want Assiniboine grads to represent,” said Mark Frison, President at Assiniboine. “When you see a grad that has been engaged and performed well academically, who has also been involved in the college outside of academics or has been a community contributor and volunteer, that speaks to an extraordinary character.”