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Program Spotlight: Accounting (with Co-op)

program spotlight: accounting with co-op

True or false? You need to be a math whiz to become an accountant? FALSE! Although numeracy is important, and an enjoyment of numbers would be helpful long-term (who wants to do something they don’t enjoy day in and day out?), software does much of the number crunching in today’s accounting world. And the other major part of the career? Providing advice to your clients.

Are you analytical? Are you able to pay attention to detail and work both independently and as part of a time? Do you have excellent work ethic and high ethical standards? If so, you might be a good fit for the world of accounting! Assiniboine has a brand-new program that can get you onto this career path: Accounting (with Co-op) advanced diploma. Take your existing degree or diploma and upscale it by adding on this advanced diploma, which starts this May. The program includes a sixteen-week paid work placement during tax season. It’s a unique educational opportunity—you’ll excel because of hands-on learning opportunities in a supportive environment, but gain even more confidence working side-by-side with accounting professionals.

Virtually every business today needs an accountant or an accounting team. This year-long advanced diploma helps you learn how to help organizations and individuals manage their finances and plan their future. Through a combination of required and optional courses, learn various skills needed to succeed in the accounting field. Higher-level courses enhance critical thinking skills within a business context.

Develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of accounting principles and make yourself an attractive prospect for any business or accounting firm. Work towards your completion of the prerequisites for the Chartered Professional Accountants Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) accounting designation administered by the Chartered Professional Accountants.

Available at our Victoria Avenue East campus in Brandon, the Accounting (with Co-op) program requires that you have the ability to travel. Your four-month co-op work placement may be in a smaller community outside of Brandon, and students may be required to relocate for their co-op work experience placements. This program will prepare you to work in public accounting firms, banks, trust companies, accounting and internal auditing departments, government offices, and owner-managed businesses.

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