Program Spotlight: Communications Engineering Technology

Program Spotlight: CET

Long gone are the days of communicating via written letter. Even word of mouth and email have taken a back seat in a new age of technology. Instant, convenient communication and information transmission requires a high degree of technology. And this current technological climate requires someone behind the scenes, pulling the strings to make it all possible.

Connection using technology like cellular data, video, wifi, bluetooth—what makes it all work? You’ll find out in the twoyear Communications Engineering Technology (CET) diploma program at Assiniboine, where you’ll learn to support the design and development of the most up-to-date communication systems.

These communication technologies are everywhere—connecting people and businesses around the world, delivering crucial real-time data to enhance processes in industries like business and agriculture. Skilled people who can work with these systems—creating, manufacturing, installing and analyzing—are in high demand in many in many diverse industries.

In this program, you’ll learn about communication theory, then put it into practice—applied learning is at the heart of this program. You’ll take real-world concepts and administer real-world applications. You’ll discover the internet of things (IOT), the physical network that keeps us linked together, and learn how to be at the centre of creating, repairing and caring for it.

Support digital connection in the world around you, as you prepare for a career in computer design, electronic deisgn and repair, computer programming, network design, or communications installation or design.

Lead the way as digital communication and data exchange evolve; take your place in the global web that impacts life, business and industry functions as we know it. CET is a booming field, and Assiniboine grads don’t have a problem getting hired after completing their diploma. In a recent survey, nine-months after graduation, 100% of Assiniboine CET students had jobs.

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