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Program Spotlight: Horticultural Production

Program Spotlight: Horticultural Production

Long before the food hits the plate—and before it hits the kitchen, grocery store or farmer’s market, before it’s even a seed in the dirt—there’s someone who understands the life of the plant. If you can picture yourself there, preparing the best outcome for the plant, sowing the seed, and bringing it to life before it’s passed on to be prepared and then enjoyed, Horticultural Production is waiting for you.

In this 9-month certificate program, your understanding of food production will evolve. Focusing on three key sectors—fruits and vegetables, greenhouse productions, and nurseries—your view of food and the skills required for a bountiful harvest will be transformed.

Under the guidance of renowned, applied-research agricultural faculty, you will create your own customized soil and compost, grow unusual foods like fenugreek and Jamaican thyme, diagnose and treat plant diseases, and improve drainage systems to increase production. Learn how to reduce chemical interventions for dealing with pests by using the most modern biological controls.

Translating this knowledge and experience into a delicious, nutritious, and sustainably produced meal is what Field to Fork is all about. And Horticultural Production is at the centre of it all. Learn in a state-ofthe art environment in the college’s 3,300 square foot Sustainable Greenhouse located at Assiniboine’s North Hill campus. With solarpowered, energy efficient growing solutions and an adjacent 3.2 acre grow plot and teaching orchard, the stage is set for exceptional hands-on learning.

Horticulture is a rapidly growing industry in Canada, and you’ll graduate this program prepared for a rewarding career in both rural and urban settings. Positions like fruit or vegetable grower, nursery assistant, Integrated Pest Management Technician, plant propagator, garden centre worker, or research assistant will place you in an important role in feeding your community.

Participate in applied research projects that will have you learn by doing and continuing to change the horticultural landscape: bringing food to life in new and innovative ways.

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