Program Spotlight: Land and Water Management

Program Spotlight: Land and Water Management

Are you passionate about the outdoors and have a deep love for nature? Our Land and Water Management two-year diploma program focuses on natural resource management and conservation. It brings together natural resources, technology and the environment—all within an agricultural context.

Population growth, land-use changes, and climate change have placed additional demands on already stressed systems. Learning how to sustainably manage our essential land and water resources is key to ensuring we have access to these vital necessities for generations to come.

This program appeals to those who have a desire to protect and preserve the world around us, but who also recognize that our landscapes are often working landscapes that people need to use every day. Students are introduced to a wealth of experiences that balance nature with the human use of land. While managing these competing needs can sometimes be challenging, in this program, you’ll learn how to navigate these conversations.

Your classroom is the great outdoors. You will often be out in the field, examining features of the prairies and becoming skilled at monitoring and evaluating the quality of land and water. Establishing an understanding of the interconnectedness between our water and the land is a focus in this program. You will learn how to protect, manage, sustain and conserve natural habitats for wildlife and humans.

Work with those who use the land, such as farmers or foresters, to help with conservation planning and the protection of water supplies, wetlands and wildlife habitats. A four-month, paid, co-operative work experience will help you create connections in industry and give you real-world experience.

At Assiniboine, we truly take our Learn by doing approach to heart, and you will be getting your feet wet—both metaphorically and figuratively! Not only will you take water quality samples in class, but you’ll also work with employers and organizations to rehabilitate landscapes, set up trail cams to monitor wildlife, and identify invasive species. The Capstone Project, in your final year of the program, is one of your choosing where you will create a project that helps solve a local, identified need.

Graduates go on to find employment with sustainable development projects, including working with conservation districts, agricultural organizations and all levels of government. This program is a great fit for those who want to make a difference in people’s lives, in the community you live and on the planet we call home. You can absolutely have a career in an industry that supports your passion for wildlife, the outdoors and nature—and the first step is Land and Water Management.

Get into the field of resource management this September. To learn more about the Land and Water Management program, visit or consider attending a free, online information session. Go to to register and to see upcoming dates and times.