Program Spotlight: Legal Administration

Program Spotlight: Legal Administration

Legal processes are central to many personal, corporate and community dealings. From the transfer of property ownership, to the acquisition of business, to the prosecution or defense of criminal activity, the law dictates so much around us. The administrative professionals who know the proper practices—the ins and outs, the required processes and documents—are essential to the functioning of society and the backbone of the industry.

With Assiniboine’s two-year diploma in Legal Administration, you’ll be prepared to step into this role, providing support, stability and organization to public, private, criminal, corporate, or real estate transactions. This program will equip you to be an important part ofthe legal proceedings in the sector of your choosing.

Not only that, you’ll become a pro in all areas of office function and management. You’ll learn how to confidently navigate a professional environment—drafting documents, working with customers and clients, and operating the software required to keep a legal office functioning properly and efficiently.

Your time at Assiniboine will set you on a path for success in a versatile career in law, justice or real estate. As you learn, you’ll make industry connections through visits to potential employers like the Brandon Police Service, Child and Family Services, Manitoba Law Courts, private law firms, and public agencies. Here, you’ll see firsthand where a career in legal administration can take you, and you’ll be ready for it!

In true Learn by Doing fashion, cross-program learning opportunities will allow you to engage with students in programs like Public Safety and Social Service Worker—students who you may ultimately cross paths with during your legal career.

Crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s and everything in between—if you’ve got a passion for organization and an interest in the law, make Assiniboine your next stop and jump into a profession with diverse opportunities and room for growth. With an eight-week industry work placement, you’ll be career-ready at grad. And with the skills and connections you’ll have gained along the way, employers will be looking for an administrative expert like you.

There’s law, there’s order, and there’s you behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. Let Assiniboine help you become a wealth of knowledge in your field and an indispensable part of your office environment.

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