Program Spotlight: Public Safety

Program spotlights: Public Safety

If you thrive as part of a team, place importance on moral values and ethics, and can problem solve, you may be well-suited for a career in public safety.

Assiniboine is a leader in public safety education, providing training to help meet the needs of local, regional and provincial public safety agencies and guiding the direction of the skills and knowledge needed in this evolving field.

Differing levels of training exist with Assiniboine’s public safety programming—a Public Safety certificate and an advanced diploma in Public Safety. Both programs are eight-months, with the latter aimed at students who have a prior post-secondary credential.

The college looks to shape and re-shape thinking around public safety.

Think community. Think proactivity. Think social service. Think collaboration. Think physical safety. Think mental wellbeing.

“In our training, we’re planting the seeds so that grads are going to know that a more holistic approach is required to address community safety and wellbeing,” says Ian Grant, Special Advisor in Public Safety and a former Brandon Police Chief. “It’s not just a policing issue or a health issue or a social service issue alone—they’re all interwined.”

A community approach is the way forward for public safety and policing. And Assiniboine’s approach to educating the future of this sector aims to build a public safety workforce that looks at public safety through this lens.

But what does a career in public safety look like? Grads are equipped to take on roles in the general field of public safety. Launch your career with a police agency, RCMP, Canada Border Services Agency, Sheriff’s department, corrections, security firms, or risk management and loss prevention, to name a few.

If you’re ready to be part of the next generation of public safety, Assiniboine is ready for you. A certificate or diploma in public safety will enhance your attractiveness to employers, who are looking for skilled hires with higher education coupled with life experience.

“When someone receives the college level of training, when they get to a police agency or a social service agency, they bring that collaborative, community perspective because that’s part of what their education is all about,” said Grant.

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