Program Spotlight: Public Safety

program spotlight: public safety

Do you thrive as part of a team? Do you place importance on morals, values and ethics? Do you enjoy problem solving and helping others?

Challenge yourself physically and mentally with Assiniboine’s eight-month Public Safety program, and launch your career in policing, corrections or security.

The field of public safety is a career that’s more than just a job. You will spend your time protecting and serving your community, collaborating and communicating, and committing acts of kindness that assist others. Help people turn their lives around, gain responsibility and trust, and work for something bigger than yourself—know that your time and talents are being put towards the greater good every single day!

Physical fitness is important, so hitting the gym regularly to stay in shape is a part of the job. Rewarding and service-oriented, you can look forward to developing close bonds with co-workers and experiencing days that are varied and engaging. A good salary and benefits and lots of employment opportunities in both rural and urban areas help round out career opportunities you can be proud of.

There is no maximum age to become a police officer or to work in corrections or security. In fact, the average age of a police officer is 27, meaning maturity and life experience are deeply valued.

The Public Safety program is intensive. It’s the first of its kind in the province and is offered in partnership with the Brandon Police Service. Learn how to embrace the lifestyle that comes with being in the field of public safety. Stress management, mental health first aid, and cross-cultural teachings are integrated so you gain the skills needed to thrive in this high-impact industry.

Test your limits through physical training, volunteer in the community to gain leadership development, and enhance your skillset through real-world training scenarios such as investigating crime scenes, seizing evidence, and conducting interviews and interrogations. Active police members instruct this program and are eager to impart their real-world knowledge.

Differing levels of training exist within the Public Safety program—a certificate and an advanced diploma. Both programs are eight months long, but students with a prior post-secondary credential are eligible for the advanced diploma.

Public Safety is a competitive entry program, meaning you will take part in a pre-entry interview before being accepted.

If you think a career in public safety could be for you, it’s best to apply early. Showcase how you’re involved in the community, demonstrate your work ethic, and illustrate the activities you participate in that show your good character. A certificate or advanced diploma in public safety will enhance your attractiveness to employers, who are looking for skilled hires with higher education coupled with lived experience.

Ready to be part of the next generation of public safety? Assiniboine is ready for you! To find out more, visit