Program Spotlight: Sustainable Food Systems

Program Spotlight: Sustainable Food Systems

Do you ever wonder the kinds of food you can grow locally and sustainably—and why you’re able to do so? Forty years ago, most people in Manitoba didn’t grow certain kinds of vegetable (like soya beans or sweet potato) and now both are viable crops, not only possible in the home garden but hold commercial potential as well.

Assiniboine’s nine-month Sustainable Food Systems advanced diploma focuses on innovative ways to grow, harvest and manage our food supply. Using applied learning and research, it exposes you to both industry-standard and new, modern approaches to growing food either inside the greenhouse or in the field—all in the name of improving community food security.

Aimed at those who have a prior degree or diploma, this advanced diploma harnesses Assiniboine’s field to fork approach, encouraging the production on high-quality food while also supporting local food producers. The college’s 3,300 square-foot sustainable greenhouse is the centre for this training and research, as well as our 3.2 acre grow plot and teaching orchard.

Explore how fruits and vegetables are grown, understand the science of agronomy and figure out the techniques behind operating a greenhouse, breeding and propagating plants, and managing nutrients and pests. Work side by side with renowned agricultural and food scientists. Work with instructors, industry partners and people from the community as you do applied research to solve food issues. Design, develop and carry out food projects that combine your learning with real-world application and experience.

The landscape of food production is an ever-changing and exciting one. The dirt our ancestors dug into fifty or sixty years ago may look the same on the surface, but the possibilities for how to harness its potential are dramatically different today than they were back then. We now know better, so we can do better.

Assiniboine is Manitoba’s Ag College. We are passionate about an industry that most of Prairie-dwellers can trace our roots back to. We understand agriculture and the importance it plays in our province, both now and in the future. And we share this passion with our students, those looking to make their mark on this evergrowing sector.

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