Student Spotlight: Brieth Young-Taylor

Brieth Young-Taylor

“Every day, I’m becoming more of the person I envision. A Leader, Mentor and Counsellor. This year has had me reflecting now on my career path and how it aligns with my entrepreneur skills. I had a vision to create a club suited for international student’s that bridges the gap between cultural diversities while creating a positive forum to voice our concerns and opinions.”

“The International Student Club is where students from different cultures, regions, religion can come together and make a difference in helping to ease some of the burdens that we international students may go through on a daily basis. I have always had a passion to help people become the best that they can be.”

New to Canada this past December, second-year Human Resources Management student Brieth Young-Taylor and her family made the big decision to move from the Bahamas to Brandon, Manitoba to continue creating the future they want for their family.

“I wanted a different atmosphere and lifestyle for my family. I am really enjoying studying Human Resource Management, and I love how Assiniboine is a family orientated college. Every faculty member and staff is there to help you."

Mrs. Diane Merrett helped me so much in both Personal Management and Organizational Management courses; her warm and enthusiastic attitude toward helping and/or assisting as best as she can. Any student who has Diane as an instructor is so blessed.

Brieth Young-Taylor and Diane Merrett
Student Brieth Young-Taylor and Instructor Diane Merrett

“After graduation, I hope to have my acceptance letter as a CPHR Candidate and plan to continue my education by obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management. I’m optimistic about my future as I know with Christ all things are possible”

If you are an Assiniboine student and interested in joining the International Students Club please email Brieth via