Student Spotlight: Brynn Kirkup

Brynn Kirkup

My name is Brynn Kirkup I’m just finishing up year 2 of the Social Service Worker program and currently work at my practicum placement. I’m originally from Melita , but moved to Winnipeg after graduating high school to pursue my post-secondary education at the University of Manitoba. After some time and revaluation I decided to move to Brandon. I actually took one year of Business Administration at Assiniboine before making the decision to switch programs and enroll in the Social Service Worker program.

My mom is a social worker, so I grew up in a household with someone that has a lot of experience with the career. Growing up I never thought I’d go down this path but I had a few summer jobs where I was employed by Child and Family Services and I also did some volunteering with them and other organizations which eventually led me to my decision. That’s when I really developed my passion for helping people and advocacy on various issues through social media.

I’m a total nerd when it comes to social policies. My favorite course in the Social Service Worker program was Health, Recreation and Housing which was a year 2 course. It really applied to me because my passion is working with the homeless population and people at risk. I currently work at the Safe and Warm Shelter so that course was very interesting and I was able to see first-hand how that information and teachings could be applied.

My instructors are great and from the first day of orientation, they’ve been a huge support and are so friendly and easy to approach. The experience felt much different compared to my past experience with post-secondary where there were hundreds of students in one class. I’m a relatively outgoing person but it was quite intimidating in a class of that size. At Assiniboine, it’s so easy to talk to my instructors or student advisors. As for my classmates, we hit it off and connected instantly. It’s funny, we met because we accidentally went to the wrong classroom on the first day—we’ve been friends ever since and I’m actually roommates with one of them now! It’s been such a great experience, especially now with the restrictions, to have another person to talk to about assignments and projects.

Assiniboine has been amazing, great instructors and supports, small enough and easy to navigate and the diversity of people I get to meet and interact with is very enjoyable. People hang out here which is nice, there’s a community here and it’s easy to find a place to fit in. I love Brandon, it’s such an easy place to live for someone that originally came from a small town. It’s the perfect mix, a small town feel with city amenities and lots of things to do and places to explore.

After graduation, I’ll be attending the University of Regina this fall to pursue my Bachelor of Social Work. Some of my courses from Assiniboine will transfer to university and will help me get a head start. I’m very grateful for my time and experiences here!