Student Spotlight - Desiree Brightnose

Amber Brightnose student spotlight

Interactive Media Arts - Media Specialization, class of 2020

"I loved being able to help Indigenous students," said Desiree Brightnose, a 2020 Interactive Media Arts - Media Specialization graduate from Assiniboine, who volunteered as a peer mentor with Indigenous Affairs during her time at Assiniboine.

Desiree enjoyed her time at Assiniboine, building a strong foundation for her career. But it wasn't all work and no play—when she wasn't working on projects in the computer lab, she could generally be found at the Cultural Centre.

"I would hang out in the Cultural Centre to visit other students as well as bead. I always felt welcomed and would rejuvenate my energy after a long day and have a good laugh with Crystal and the other students," said Desiree.

"I met a lot of lifelong friends and mentors during my time here. My program helped me in my journey to discovering who I am and what I was meant to do, and for that, I am forever grateful."

One of the reasons Desiree became a peer mentor was to proactively assist and support other Indigenous students in succeeding with their dreams.

"In the first year in my program, we had another Indigenous student who had relocated to Brandon for college and ended up dropping out a month after. When I found out, I was upset. I felt that if this student was aware of all the resources for Indigenous students that Assiniboine has to offer, and the fact that he wasn't alone, he would have walked the stage with us," reflected Desiree.

"It takes a lot for Indigenous students to leave their family and community, so it was my goal as a peer mentor to make sure Indigenous students had a fair chance of walking on stage to get their diplomas," said Desiree.

"Being able to be around like-minded people who shared similar dreams and passions was something that kept me moving towards my dreams."

Using the skills and networks she established at Assiniboine, Desiree has big goals for the future.

"My overall goal is to create and run my own video production business and work with reserves all over Canada as well as locally to give Indigenous people a voice and to continue telling our stories."

"With my education and experience, I know it's possible."