Student Spotlight: Jeneika Willocks

 Jeneika Willocks

I really enjoyed the experience of the tuition-free welder program. It was something new, especially just graduating from high school; it was a nice change. It felt like the instructors were your friends who were there to help you succeed. It was a very different learning experience from to high school.

Heather Bruderlin was my teacher in 10th grade and was actually the person who made me want to become a welder, so it was really nice to have her as my instructor. Also, Lisa Oliver [student success advisor], and the other instructors really care if the students do well; they make sure to check on us and give us help if needed.

I am not the best at maths, so I really struggled with it in this course. I also wasn’t really that motivated because I had just graduated high school, but Keith Smith, who was our maths instructor for this course, would stay an extra hour after class on Zoom to help anyone who needed it. I felt I could do the problems on my own, so I usually wouldn’t stay. However, I really wanted to a change in my grades for the last couple of units, so I started staying. That was a good choice because when the whole class was on Zoom, I wouldn’t want to ask questions and look uneducated. However, the people who stayed after class were all there for the same reason, and it helped you feel free to ask the questions you don’t want to ask in class. Keith was a really good teacher, and we both felt super proud when I got 100% on my last test.

That’s one thing that stands out for sure: how much the instructors care and take the time to show it. I’m excited to have a steady career and going to work everyday loving my job. I would much rather work and love what I’m doing and get paid as a bonus than have to work for money and hate what I am doing. I have become even more independent as a result of the practicum at the end of this course.

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