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Student Spotlight: Jing Wang

I’m loving my time at Assiniboine because it provides me with an opportunity to improve myself. I am learning new knowledge every day, whether academic or practical; it has made me feel fulfilled.

Student Jing Wang stands outside with a white coat on.

I feel really involved at Assiniboine, not just because of one person, but all my instructors, classmates and Learning Curve staff make me feel welcome. My instructors have always taught my classes with enthusiasm and kindly helped me out with any questions I may have. It’s been really beneficial working together with my classmates on projects.

The biggest thing that I’m struggling with is the English language, but I think it is getting better during my time at Assiniboine. I will be really proud if I can pass all the terms in the nursing program and get the license in the end. The Learning Curve and library staff have given me a lot educational support so far. There are also many computers and printers available, which makes printing our learning materials easier and more convenient.

Assiniboine College is not only a place for young people, but also for adult students who want to improve their skills. At Assiniboine, you can learn useful skills for your future jobs.