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Student Spotlight: Muhammad A. Khan

Student Spotlight: Muhammad A. Khan

One of the biggest obstacles for me was the Canadian education culture, as I was new to Canada when I started at Assiniboine. I came from a very different education culture back home and getting to use the language, the people, and academics has all been new for me. However, it has been a great journey and learning experience. The way Assiniboine provides you with support, resources and guidance has made the learning journey easy and effective.

I was really proud of the fact that I was accepted to the Agribusiness program here at Assiniboine. It is one of the most popular programs and to be accepted was a huge deal for me. I knew that I would come out of the program with so much knowledge, skills and confidence.

All my instructors at Assiniboine have been very supportive, engaging and have shown concern for me, which I believe are rare qualities in institutions these days, especially with distance/online learning now.

Muhammad A. Khan
Pamela Wilson, Muhammad Khan and Danielle Tichit

I remember there was a time where I was struggling in the program and had thoughts of dropping it, so I spoke to my instructors, Danielle Tichit and Pamela Wilson, who showed immense support, guidance and encouraged me to continue. Because of their helpful and kind ways, I am now confident about myself in the program. I know that I have developed relationships that will not only help me become even more successful in the future but those that I will treasure forever.

Assiniboine really gives you a diverse set of learning methods, where students can learn and engage in different ways to accommodate different learning styles of students. I am excited to start a career in my field of choice and interest, Agribusiness, and build a network of people and friends while continuing to learn and grow in the agriculture industry.

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